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Vicious Vixens DVD

Vicious Vixens

Vicious Vixens

Welcome to the twisted world of Pendulum Pictures, the new name in horror that marks a new world of amazing values on amazing film compilations. These collections gather the best of low-budget Indy horror in a series that will scare up sales to the immense and growing base of horror fans. This 6 movie pack includes the following films:

From Venus (2004) - DJ Perry, Michael Brown, David Borowicz, Joy Jaye, Rebecca Holden, Ann Marie Bourdon, Sherri Fuller, Angela Brauher, Jennifer Bandlow
This Sci-Fi/Horror spoof pays tribute to the "cheese" films of the 60's and 70's. This comic book / H.P. Lovecraft inspired film captures the mood and production values of classic movies and television shows such as the original "Star trek" series. If "cheese" is your bag, then "From Venus" will be a big hit that will deserve a spot on your shelf.

Sandy Hook's Lingerie Party Massacre (2005) - Debbie Rochon, Persephone, Didi Delicious, Zane Ka, Tanya Harsh, Jeannene Scofield
Police are called to the stately manor of host, Mr. Creepo, when neightbors complain of ghastly screams coming from the property taht was rented to seven strippers during Halloween week. One source said it was the most grisly crime scene they had ever witnessed, with mangled bodies scattered about. Witness what happens to seven strippers during a deadly hurricane all while having fun in the name of hanky panky.

Nightmare Museum (2006) - Hamilton Steele, Kelly Steele, Kat Kleevage, Lolo Lane
Commander X and his part-time employee, Nightmare, plan to break into the Madison Museum to seal a secret tree with mstical powers called, "The Bagel Tree." Commander X plans t use the tree as the ultimate tool for destruction, "The Element." Ironically a few banditos beat Commander X to the punch and now it's up to the Erotic Avengers to stop them.

Rape Is A Circle (2005) - Natalie LaSpina, Niki Notarile, Yelena Sobolevski, Michael Herrmann, Freddie Dingo, Adam Valley
When two girls hitch a ride, unaware of the fury of the driver, they endure humiliating perversions and excruciating pain. Their friendships warps as they are forced to perform sexual acts on each other for the twisted amusement of their captor. Escape is no easy thing to accomplish. Should they fail - the two girls will surely die.

So Mort It Be (2004) - Michelle DeMars, Fabian Rush, Nathan Hall, Damian Brouillard, Elizabeth Henderson, Corrinn Mullins
Something is lurking in the darkness, and Dante and Jack are about to find out what it is. After getting up the courage to ask out the new girl at school, Dante convinces Jack to hae a party at the old mansion that Jack's cousin has left him in charge of. The creatures that lurk in the basement are only part of the trouble. Little does Dante know, the girl he has fallen for has a few creatures of her own.

Sorority Babes In The Dance-A-Thon Of Death (1993) - Laura Fuhrman, Matthew Lewis, Lisa Krueger
Deep within the dark of night, four sorority sisters conjure up a demon trapped inside an ancient crstal ball. The gruesome blood fest begins as a couple of nerdy frat boys looking for an easy score come to their rescue at the dance-a-thone of death. But only two elderly antique dealers can rescue them all from destruction.

Why spend your hard-earned cash on just one of these titiles, when you can get all six for the price of one?
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