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Dinosaur Valley Girls

Dinosaur Valley Girls

Dinosaur Valley Girls

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Prehistoric times the way it should have been written…with luscious, sex-starved cave-girls, ferocious meat-eating Allosaurs, and a time-traveling martial arts movie star, all in a land where time stands still and the erotic action never stops!

Movie star Tony Markham is haunted by visions of a mysterious world teeming with scantily clad cave-girls and spectacular dinosaurs. When Tony gets his hands on a magic stone icon, he is transported back in time...to a land populated by mammoth prehistoric beasts, grunting cave-men, and a clan of sexy and sensuously seductive Jurassic babes who will do absolutely anything to satisfy him. They might not have fire, but these cave-girls are hot - oh so hot! - and they just can't keep their hands off Tony or their animal furs on!

Each gorgeous girl tempts Tony in the most erotic and mouth-watering ways, yet it's for the voluptuous and delectable Hea-Thor that he falls. And amidst rampaging reptiles, scheming cave-men, and steamy Stone-Age sexcapades, Tony must decide to return to the real world or remain in Dinosaur Valley where man-eating cave-girls run wild!

Directed by Donald M. Glut, Starring:
Denise Ames, Griffin Drew, Jeff Rector, Harrison Ray, Elizabeth Landau, Carrie Vanston, Bo Roberts, Karen Black, Donna Spangler

This special VHS release of DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS includes the 25 minute documentary THE MAKING OF DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS.

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