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  1. SpiderBabe
  2. Dinosaur Valley Girls
  3. Dungeon of Desire
  4. Robotrix
  5. Playmate of the Apes
  6. Lord of the Strings
  7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  8. Hot Vampire Nights
  9. Erotic Witch Project
  10. Chosen One: Legend of the Raven
  11. Inn of 100 Sins
  12. Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
  13. Scrapbook
  14. Erotic Survivor
  15. Vamps Deadly Dreamgirl
  16. Psycho Sisters
  17. Candy
  18. Midnight Madness
  19. In The Flesh
  20. Lethal Seduction


Video Addicts Hot-Line

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If you've been wronged by a video distributor via the internet, or outright scammed by sending money for a video that you've never received, finally there is a place that you can report to, so that others can be aware of the dadstardly distributors.

The internet has a history of scam artists and fly-by-night operations. In an attempt to make the net a safer place to trade videotapes, this message board has been created, so that victims may place their displeasures safely and conveniently. Other newcomer video addicts may freely view the postings here, to be further aware of exercising caution with certain vendors.

The links featured on the Video Addicts Hot-Line to other vendors, collectors and distributors are placed free of charge by myself. I have had only good experiences with these folks myself and assume that they are extremely credible. If ever I received a complaint from one of my visitors concerning these folks, you would find the message posted here. If too many complaints were received, their link would be discontinued in an effort to better serve my users.
Sidney P. Bloomberg
I have received a number of complaints and inquires regarding Sidney P. Bloomberg. He seems sincere enough but not very Web-savvy. At 80+ YOA, expect to receive any trades at a slower rate. Also, be prepared to experience frustration when trying to contact him. He has a Web page with a guestbook, but no e-mail address. You may call him, but he may not answer due to health reasons.
I do believe that Sidney is sincere and that he does want to help folks track-down the illusive films that he may have access to... but be forwarned that he moves at a different pace than other Video Addicts and this may be a cause for frustration and an inclination to believe that you may be getting ripped-off.
I have not received one report indicating that he has actually not delivered as promised ... only reports that people may have thought so because he is slow to respond and hard to get ahold of.
Submitted by
Jay Williams
This "person" sent 3 tapes via bookrate when they were supposed to be priority. I mistakenly wrote a check for $5.00 over the asking price. It's been September and still no refund. I've read other postings on this jerk so I guess I'm lucky to at least get my tapes--a lesser brand by the way. Anybody else deal with "him"..I think it's really "Julie"!
Submitted by Richard Schurch
In August, 1999 I ordered videos from They charged my account but never sent the videos. What is more, the next month (this month's statement) the $97.20 charge was repeated on my card. Those !*%($#% ^&?!!   should realize that one might not notice a duplicated charge, except for when nothing is received. Citibank labelled my first complaint "goods not received" and my second complaint "unauthorized charge". I'd label both "theft." Count me out from future Internet ordering.
Submitted by Mark Nigrini
I ordered a video from a company that trades under 3 names -, and The video was supposed to ship in 24 hours, when my order still hadn't been processed after several weeks I cancelled it but money was taken from my account and they wouldn't respond to any emails. That was 4 months ago - I still haven't received either a video or a refund and this morning I found on my statement that they have helped themselves to another payment for over $100.00 for an additional order which I never placed.
We've revecied so many complaints that they have been awarded thier own page.
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I ordered a number of videos from diversified communications based in Florida. After sending them the money plus postage for the videos I never recieved them. I have tried using the Better Business Bureau but the company has moved and can not be found.
Submitted by
I ordered videos from Britt TV. I was told they were of VG Quality. Some have no sound, some are washed out or very grainy. They look like copies of copies of copies, etc. etc. etc . . .
Sumitted by
I purchased a video from Ebay. When I received the item, the clamshell was brand-new, and the artwork had been copied or reproduced at a copy shop, and passed off as original. I returned the film for a refund. the person I believe is affiliated with Vintage Video, as his name is RJ Hutchinson. He uses a number of alias on Ebay such as: and his name is RJ Hutchinson, Waverly, Florida. Submitted by Jeanne Nelson ( ****I would appreciate what anonymity you can provide for me. But I feel that this is possibly the same guy using more than 3 ebay user ID's to sell videos.
Submitted by CJT & CEN.
I found a source for a video that I was looking for through the SCI- FI CHANNEL site and after confirming his needs through e-mail,I sent him a tape and money, AND a prepaid return envelope. SIX months have passed and he will not hold up his end of the deal, he says that he is busy,and he can take ten years to get me the tape if that is what he wants.His name is GREGORY C. JONES from Fort Wayne IN. If you find delivery times from 6 months to 10 years UNACCEPTABLE, then steer clear of this fellow.
Submitted by

Note: Years after this incident was posted, Gregory C. Jones contacted demanding that his this record (above) be stricken. Three days later, the demand was followed by a legal threat (at just about the time that we were considering reviewing his side of the story). Now, we'll wait and let you know what the court orders us to do. This could be a ground-breaking case, if the court will actually support video-piracy. Watch this space for further details. We will report the results as they unfold.

This man hosts some good looking pages like The Films of Harryhousen, The Hammer House of Horror and an impressive Elvira, Mistress of the Dark homepage. I executed a trade with him two years ago. He received all tapes due him, and has never sent me the six tapes that he owes me. He stopped responding to my emails over a year ago. His last known email address was
If you are considering trading with Rodkey, let the buyer beware.
Submitted by Dave Lewis.


If you have been taken advantage of anyone who trades, sells and/or distributes videos via the internet, Click Here to Post Your Complaint so that other honest video addicts can be aware of those who may not be so honest.
Thank you.

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