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  1. SpiderBabe
  2. Dinosaur Valley Girls
  3. Dungeon of Desire
  4. Robotrix
  5. Playmate of the Apes
  6. Lord of the Strings
  7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  8. Hot Vampire Nights
  9. Erotic Witch Project
  10. Chosen One: Legend of the Raven
  11. Inn of 100 Sins
  12. Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
  13. Scrapbook
  14. Erotic Survivor
  15. Vamps Deadly Dreamgirl
  16. Psycho Sisters
  17. Candy
  18. Midnight Madness
  19. In The Flesh
  20. Lethal Seduction

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This issue we take a peek at five films for viewers in search of something other than the normal fare of commercially acceptable videos to watch in the privacy of your own home. To start things off we take a look at an ambitious effort from the files of the bizarre and eccentric:

Alien Agenda: Under the Skin CyberSex Kittens Society of Genitorture V is for Vampire Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls

The Society of Genitorture

The videophiliac is constantly searching for something a bit off the beaten path. This film, shocking as it may be, is just the medicine that the doctor ordered. Without the need of a syringe to administer, this video takes the viewer on "a trip" using normal household video equipment. It’s effect can be as wide-ranged as that of LSD (the same formula having different effects on each of its users). Because of its addictive qualities it may be wise to use sparingly with caution. This is a recreational experience and a bold statement for artistic freedom of expression.

Before we get started it may be appropriate to present an excerpt from the video’s introduction/warning: "Hey kids, the show’s about to begin. That’s right kids but first, you should get your parent’s permission before viewing because there are lots of penises and vaginas for all to see and if you can’t get their permission, just wait until they’re not home to watch…"

The Society of Genitorture (1997) is an art/performance film by dominatrix/piercing performance artist Gen lead singer for the The Genitorturers, a dark/gutteral rock band whose lyrics praise sex and violence with satanistic overtones. Society is an artistic presentation of Gen’s Sin City Fetish Ball, a live shock/sex show, filmed before a live audience. The band’s music supplies the soundtrack for the film but Gen is the only band member who participates in the show.

The cast is made up of consenting co-ed adults who allow Gen to dominate them and perform various forms of genital torture. Videographer Wesley Wing handled the camera shots in as an artistic and unbridled manner as the premise of the show. The film editor Tom Linkiewicz, frantically presents rapid cuts to add to the film’s unsettling quality. Sit back and join me as we say "oh, my god," and "that’s gotta hurt," as we examine the film.

The show is presented in three distinct "acts:"

Act I: Circus Satanica. See Gen adorned with a foot-long strap-on (which is predominant attire throughout the film) turn a lovers’ quarrel into a torture fest. The hypnotized lovers’ french kiss is prolonged by piercing their tongues together using a 12 inch needle. Gen further dominates the couple as puppeteer controlling them by puppet wires attached to their bodies via piercings. There is some whipping, genetalia piercing and a foot-long pinocchio nose that is used for penetration.

Act II: The Interrogation. This black and white presentation demonstrates Gen’s ability to extract the truth from any prisoner using sodomy, water sports, bondage (try this: tie your hands and feet together, hang the tied members of your naked body from the ceiling and spin yourself around - fast… "I’ll say anything!") and torture.

Discovering that the last murder victim was a wannabe model connected with Inferno Media, Detective Kellog questions Drake. But the high priestess uses the ol’ Jedi-mind-trick on the detective, convincing her that Inferno is a "dead end."

Act III: The Sacrifice. Hold onto your seats (and genitalia). In the final act, let’s wrap a woman in plastic, pierce, chain and hot-wax-treat her nipples, feature a host of male and female genital piercing, stitching (that’s right, like sewing up one’s orifices) and wrap it up with some crucifiction (spell’t on purpose).

Draw your own conclusions but I’m intrigued. "Hey, Gen… Next time you come to Seattle, look me up."

The video can be ordered from Retribution Music as well who will include a signed photo and new sticker along with your video purchase! The video is only for sale to persons 18 and over. To receive an order form write to: RETRIBUTION MUSIC PO BOX 8479 Tampa, FL 33674



Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls

Two guys with a dream, writing/production team Mark Burchett and Michael D. Fox, served up this labor of love, from concept to retail, in four months. Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls (1996) a light-hearted romp down vampire lane complete with good acting, production values, humor and in-jokes that are guaranteed to please. Add to this original songs by Steve Gatch, and awesome fangs by Fangs That Fit, and this becomes a made-for-video must-see event.

We’re introduced to Vamps (a strip-club) where irreverent patrons could become lunch. The club is run by Tasha (Jenny Wallace) who is always on the lookout for new blood. Super-human vamps terrorize machismo-enhanced men and reduced them to soft drinks.

Offering a counterbalance Burchett and Fox serve up Father Seamus McDonnell (Paul Morris) a priest affectionately obsessed with bad-B vampire movies (Oh, yeah, he d’ man) and TV broadcast vampiric lore.

Seamus’ old friend Larry persuades him to go to Vamps to celebrate his birthday. He recognizes Tasha’s new, freshly broken hearted, down-on-her-luck-tryin’-t’-make-a-buck acquisition, Heather (Jennifer Huss) and takes her out to breakfast.

Meanwhile, back at Vamps, Randi (Amber Newman) and Tabitha (Stacey Parks) agree to "share" a Desert Storm vet. He undresses and says, "Who gets to blow Revelie?" Randi looks at Tabitha and says, "This guy’s lude, crude and about to be food."

Heather spends the night on Seamus’ couch and they start spending a lot of time together over the next few days.

Heather is falling for the priest, and he likewise, but he resists a kiss, so she packs her bags and leaves.


Tasha offers to make Heather heartbreak-proof by turning her into a true vamp. In order for her transformation to become complete, she must feed within 12 hours. Tasha delivers her unconscious former boyfriend, Keith (Sean Nielsen), for Heather’s dining pleasure.

Randi’s assignment is to seek retribution from Seamus. The penalty for breaking a vamp’s heart is death. She breaks into Seamus’ home and he retreats to the bathroom, blesses toilet water and splashed Randi with it (which does little), so he stakes her through the heart with the toilet plunger!

Can Seamus and Larry save Heather in time? You can find out by clicking here to get a copy of your very own.





V is for Vampire

The independent producers of Curvaceous Corpses (1995) are back, with a vampire feature that builds on the foundations of Corpses. Being Paul Knop’s second attempt, V is for Vampire (1997), is a slick made-for-video release that would make an excellent addition to any videophiliac’s collection.

Tony McDowell (who starred as Brace Randolf in Corpses) is back as Zack Taylor. Obviously honing his acting skills, McDowell was securing his position as a contender, when his acting career was cut short by losing his bout with cancer. This film is his last project, just as he was getting started, and is dedicated to him.

In Vampire, world famous vampire novelist, Laura Manning (Vicki DiSalvo) is having a contest for photographers and artists. Whoever comes up with the best entry will be selected to do the cover for her upcoming novel, V is for Vampire.

The contest piques the interest of Marty Larson (Amy Luciano) owner of a media agency. She suggests that her staff Bob-Marley-esque photographer, Carlo Orlini (Greg Dukes) submit an entry to the contest.

Orlini enlists the assistance of model Stacy Lang (Josalyn Steele) to help him with the contest submission shoot. The resulting location shoots present entries that in Marty’s opinion are not high-quality enough for submission. With the deadline for entry as the end of the month, Marty thinks that Zack could do much better utilizing his twisted talents.

Zack approaches Kristy Sanders (Jenny Tarnowski) an agency model with the right look to assist him on the vampire novel cover shoot. She declines because she sees it as a poor career move. While Kristy is bubble-bathing, Zack visits to again enlist her services, this time armed with his "Van Helsing Special" (a stake-shooting cross-bow). An authentic heart-shot prepares Kristy for the photo shoot The resulting photos are entered into the contest.

Manning (a 300-year-old real vampiress) requests an audience with contest entrants Zack and Marty inviting them to an intimate hot-tub party. A failed photo opportunity reveals Manning’s true identity resulting in the couple’s body fluids being used for the Countess’ personal blood bath.

In an interesting twist, while Orlini and Stacy are working on the cover shoot for the video release of Curvaceous Corpses, Orlini’s commissioned portrait is selected for the cover of Manning’s novel. What comes next? Could it be V is Still for Vampire?

Check it out, the script is good, the cast is on-the-mark, and the visual techniques are terrific, all this for $4,200 out-of-pocket (and you thought it couldn’t be done).

You can have your very own copy of V is for Vampire by clicking here.


CyberSex Kittens

This is definitely a guy film. Not to be used in a romantic video viewing experience with a woman. If you must view it with a woman in the room, make certain that there is an even mix of good-humored men and women in the room armed with alcoholic beverages. CyberSex Kittens (1995) is a sexist comedy that will raise tail-feathers in a heartbeat. I’ve test-viewed the film under varying circumstances. It is a chart-topping hit best viewed by groups of late teen-to-mid twenties all male audiences.

Director Kirk Bowman (who makes a cameo appearance as a businessman) treats men to the fantasy solution for all men’s relationship woes with the premise that two Burbank computer nerds Sam (Alex Cohen) and Bradley (Hal Wamsley, who doubles as the film’s make-up artist) have assembled some assorted computer parts connected to an electronic helmet (an aluminum mixing bowl) allowing the programming of human subjects’ personalities (specifically, women with attitudes).

Sam and Bradley are on a mission to save their pussy-whipped friend Kenny (Robert Janashak) from his demanding live-in girlfriend Allison (Mathea Webb) who refuses to let him play golf with the pair o’ nerds because he has promised to attend the Sweat Pea Festival with her.


They develop the PC-based programming vehicle titled, "Attitude Adjusters," to help, "Kenny get his stones back." The program allows the adjustment of basic personality traits: Mood, Sexuality, Anger and Maturity levels. A key is used to trigger the effects of the programming. Allison is the first test subject to undergo treatment using a snap of the fingers as her adjustment trigger.

Allison is transformed into a sex-starved, love-slave. Now Kenny can play golf whenever he likes, uses Allison as a human remote control who waits on him hand (replacing beer if the temperature raises) and foot (foot and back rubs on command, etc…) jumping to serve at the slightest hint.

Jack (Don Ernst) is dating Dawn (Heather Lilly). She wants to wait to move their relationship into the physical arena for six-months-to-a-year. Jack is primed and chases down the duo for a "free trial." He claps his hands and Dawn turns into a sex-crazed animal.

Horror calendar photographer Courtney (Shannyn Smedley), resembling a young Jennifer Connelly, is going to take a day-road-trip with Allison to Santa Barbara after a day of shopping at the Mall. A stranger emerges from a shop and asks the young women for the time and realizing he is late for his chiropractic appointment, snaps his fingers, launching Allison into her programmed personality. She mobs the man, first offering him her watch, then attacking him in an effort to massage his back problem, knocking him to the ground and riding him like a horse as he struggles to escape.

Courtney is appalled by her friend’s behavior as Allison explains that she cannot go on the trip, "Oh, no, no, no… I can’t leave Kenny…" Courtney interjects, "What are you talking about?" Allison replies, "Who’s gonna fix his dinners? Who’s gonna get his beers? Who’s gonna rub his feet?" She discards the freshly purchased clothing and rushes off to wait on Kenny.

Courtney enlists the aide of Wade (Tony Samuel) a private investigator to help save Allison from further degradation.

Sam and Bradley incorporate as Good Moods, Inc., obtain a sexy female staff to work for free in their underwear for the opportunity to serve the corporate founders thanks to their clever invention. To further complicate the plot, the company and their secret computer chip is being sought after by the mob.

Can Courtney and Wade thwart the attempts of the mob to control the world with this new technology? Can they save womankind from total selflessness?

Find out by ordering a copy you can be proud to call your own.



Alien Agenda: Under the Skin

In Kevin J. Lindenmuth’s final installment of the Alien Agenda trilogy, he teams up with directors Tom Vollman and Mike Legge.

There is a dynamite soundtrack that will have you singing along with the Dead Letters songs, "We’ll All Be Dead Soon," and, "Scream." Vollman was able to secure the assistance of Traci Lords look-alike, Deneen Sherman to play the part of Sergeant Andie Royster (posed suspiciously like Traci-with-a-gun promo shots on the back of the video box and in a head-shot featured on the video box’s spine). Hey, nothin’ gets past these guys! Merchandising and marketing are important keys to "making a go" of an independent project.

The audience will have no problem following the film’s plot. Alien Agenda: Under the Skin (1997) loses the complexity of the previous installments. This is a commercially pliable, complete stand-alone film that doesn't lean on the previous Alien Agenda films -- Out of the Darkness (1996) and Endangered Species (1997). Although it is recommended that you view the trilogy in its entirety, if you were to rent Under the Skin from your local Blockbuster, you wouldn't be left feeling like something were missing.

As in the previous films, Under the Skin is intercut with newsreel-type clips of people with varying opinions on aliens, as well as stories by alien abductees.

In 2013, the world will cease as we know it. Grays will have taken over the planet and what humans remain will be used for experimentation. Men in black abduct Alfred Malone (Arthur Lundquist) a renowned biologist, to help prevent the future from taking place.

Meanwhile, Benny (Jeremy Chernick), who owes $3000 to the Alien Mob Boss, Mr. Celestine (Nick Kostopolis) is being chased by a "terminator." While fleeing, Benny is hit by a female motorist (Dalia Sanchez) who is shot by the terminator. The terminator delivers Benny to Celestine who reminds him that if he doesn’t pay his debts on time, it will cost him "an arm and a leg." Today, just the arm, as the terminator rips-off Benny’s arm.

Sgt. Andie Royster is assisted by Sgt. Sam Minella (Steven Jon White) and are on the case of breaking up the Alien Mob Ring who needs the assistance of low-life, menace to society, Victor Cerone (Jon Kimlicko).

Malone must infiltrate a nest of Chubacabras and capture one of them for the men in black, "or else." Unbeknownst to Malone, he and other humans have been replaced by an alien replication while on this dangerous assignment. Malone is prepared to take on the Aliens head-on.

The film is full of double-crosses and plot twists and at times you don’t know who are the good guys or the bad guys, which adds to the video’s commercial plausibility.

Add this video to your collection for $19.95 plus $7 postage (or buy one, watch it, then sell it to your local video store for $25) from Video Addicts Hotline, P.O. Box 1753, Aberdeen, WA 98520.

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