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Evil Roy Slade and Betsy PotterIn 1972, NBC proposed a comedy western series tentatively titled "Sheriff Who?" where the bad guys would be the regulars and the guest stars would be killed off weekly. The pilot for the series that never happened was Evil Roy Slade which developed a cult-like following.
In the film, full of in-jokes and one-liners, John Astin stars as a child survivor of an attack by Indians. The Indians rejected him and left him for the wolves. The wolves wouldn’t take him in so he had to grow up on his own in the wild, "lovin’ nobody." The film’s namesake, Evil Roy Slade, grew into the worst of the bad guys spreadin’ havok wherever he rode in the wild West.
While robbing and pillaging, he meets and falls for a lovely, prudent blonde, Betsy Potter (Pamela Austin).
His nemesis is Nelson L. Stool (Mickey Rooney), president of Western Express, who throughout the film tries to enlist the aid of ex-Marshall Bing Bell (Dick Shawn). "Is that the door?" . . . "No, that’s his name."
He’s ambushed by a trove of deputies and midget lawmen, jailed and scheduled for hanging. After driving a priest (John Ritter) mad with his confession, he makes his escape after hearing that his Betsy does truly love him.
Slade and Betsy hightail it to the "sissy town" of Boston, where Slade attempts to turn over a new leaf, while shacking up with Betsy’s cousin Harry (Milton Berle). Slade also begins psycho-therapy with a friend of Betsy’s, Dr. Logan Delp (Dom Deluise) in an effort to transform himself into a law abiding citizen.
My favorite scene, is when Slade’s in therapy and totally disarms himself of all weapons, and is unable to "walk without ma weapons . . ."
Evil Roy Slade's Bing Bell at the wedding
He can’t fight it any longer and returns to a life of crime leaving Betsy behind. Bing Bell (who wears oufits designed by Liberace’s clothier) decides to take on the case armed with a 30.06 rhinestone studded guitar after viewing a photo of the lovely Betsy whom he desires for himself.
The wedding’s scheduled and well staked-out. Will Slade be able to retrieve his true love, or will he fall into Bing Bell’s trap?
You’ll have to see for yerself.
UPDATE: Evil Roy Slade has finally come to home video, click here for more info.

In the style of Rosemary’s Baby (1968), Director David Cronenberg spins a yarn that is a psychological, freak-out, in the 1979 Canadian classic The Brood.
In this twisted psych-fest, Nola (Samantha Eggar) is kept hidden from her husband, Frank Carveth (Art Hindle) in a treatment facility under the care of Psycho-plasmics therapist Dr. Hal Ragland (Oliver Reed).
Carveth’s daughter has suffered physical abuse during visitation with Nola, he focuses on trying to protect the daughter from the psycho-mom.
To complicate things, butt-ugly mutant children are running amok, leaving a bloody wake of death and destruction throughout the city. In an effective scene, a classroom full of grade school children are treated to witnessing the murder of their teacher by the evil crumudgekins, then they kidnap Carveth’s daughter. (Is there a connection?)
Dr. Ragland has put Nola in charge of the "disturbed children" kept in a work shed at his facility. The terrible tots have no iris, sex organs or belly buttons and are created (as opposed to being born) with a nutrition sack between their shoulders. When the nutrition sack runs empty, the killer dwarf dies.
Carveth returns to the facility to retrieve his daughter and makes his way to the work shed where Nola resides. Ragland reveals that the disturbed children are actually created out of Nola’s fears and rage. In a grotesque moment, Carveth approaches Nola and she reveals to him, her new self, covered with giant blisters and lesions. She rips open a giant lesion and exposes a wriggling fetus!

The 1976 Hong Kong sci-fi camp classic by the Shaw Brothers, is a cross between Godzilla fare and today’s more commercially successful Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
After creating a series of disasters, Mount Devil (dormant for millions of years) erupts and exposes the ten million-year-old Princess Dragon Mom (Terry Liu), who will accept nothing but total human domination, or will annihilate all inhabitants of the earth.
Professor Chang (Wang Hseih) transforms Rhema (Li Hsiu-Hsien) into the solar-nuclear-powered, indestructible, super-human Infra-Man to battle the Princess and her evil sci-fi-mutant-monster army (in severe rubber outfits).
Super powers include the ability to see through walls, thunderbolt kicks, laserbeam wrist bands, the ability to fly and increase his size to match that of his opposing monster.
The Princess kidnaps Chang’s daughter to sweeten the pot and encourage submission. Chang refuses to submit to the Princess’s demands and she decides to force him to make her an evil version of Infra-Man, instead of killing him and his daughter.
Infra-Man makes his way to the Princess’s lair, to rescue Chang and his daughter. Can he make it in time? Is it a trap? What evil counter-measures can the evil Princess Dragon Mom, have in store for Infra-Man?
Click here to add Infra-Man to your video collection.
In this 1973 drive-in classic romp down the road of go-go boots, bell bottoms, hot pants and topless women, six girls have mysteriously disappeared due to the Invasion of the Girl Snatchers.
In a goofy, Mission Impossible-inspired mission debriefing, Private Pig, Sam Trowel (Hugh Smith) accepts the case of the missing girls.
Ruthie (Ellen Trip), one of Sam’s operatives, is snatched, bound, gagged, shot-up, hooked to an oscilloscope, painted, smothered then revived quickly, now inhabited by the spirit of an alien.
Freddie (David Roster), Sam’s underground connection, lays hold of one of the abductees, a Jesus-freak named Prudence. Ruthie returns to announce a meeting and guards Prudence.
The aliens can take over our planet by killing each human, one-at-a-time and taking over their freshly dead human form (. . . could happen . . .) aided by a magician/religious nut named Aph (Charles Ruben) of the pseudo-religious order of the Red Star, who introduces the aliens to human bodies to inhabit.
Trowel’s body falls victim to the alien takeover. Ruthie leads Kasper (Ele Grigsby), Trowel’s bumbling, young assistant to their hideout, Trowel looks him up and down and says, "Ah, yes, he’ll do nicely."
What’s in store for Prudence and Kasper, will they be able to escape?

Here’s a nice little direct-to-video release that deserves more than the brief distribution that it received when it was originally released in 1992. There are still many folks in the general populace who dislike budget movies, shot on semi-pro video equipment (unless of course it’s x-rated), but for those of us that like this sort of treatment, Survival 101: The Movie, fits the bill nicely.
Twenty-five years ago a couple (Tim and Gail O’Keefe) on a camping trip are attacked by a chainsaw-wielding maniac and three students are slashed and mutilated.
Today, a group of college students are going to re-open the State College Research Farm, where they will conduct their summer work study programs. Shelly (Alex Black), one of the students (a cross between Daisy Duke and Lucy Lawless) decides to spontaneously engage in a sexual encounter with the gas station attendant, Bob (Mike Nobel), as the rest of the crew get provisions.
On their way, Ben (Don Ray) notes that the bridge is out, so the students must hike to the facility in a severe thunderstorm.
Terri (Kit Hadley) gets up in the middle of the night to "take a dump" but finds the outhouse door jammed, so is forced to squat in the middle of the woods and is startled by Lisa (Jennifer Proctor), (and you were expecting the boogey man . . . ).
The next day, in broad daylight, Terri is attacked by a masked man in camouflage, armed with a Rambo-type hunting knife who ties her spread-eagle to the bed, slices, dices and julienne’s Terri’s young body.
Thus begins the reign of terror as the maniacal murderer once again embarks on his bloody rampage.
Don’t miss the exciting climax, where "someone" gets chopped to bloody mulch in a woodchipper.

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