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171200-20.00 BATMAN (66) w/Lee Meriwether as Catwoman.
171201-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #1: Hi Diddle Riddle (pilot) w/J. St.John, Smack in the Middle, Instant Freeze, Rats Like Cheese
171202-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #2: Zelda the Great, A Death Worse Than Fate, A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away, When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play
171203-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #3: The Sandman Cometh, The Catwoman Goeth, King Tut's Coup, Batman's Waterloo
171204-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #4: Joker's Last Laugh, Joker's Epitaph, The Puzzles are Coming, The Duo is Slumming
171205-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #5: The Joker is Wild, Batman is Riled, The Penguin's Gone Straight, Not Yet He Ain't
171206-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #6: Joker Trumps an Ace, Batman Sets the Pace, An Egg Grows in Gotham, The Egg Foes in Gotham
171207-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #7: The Clock King's Crazy Crimes, The Clock King Gets Crowned, Fine Feathered Finx, The Penguin's a Jinx
171208-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #8: Fine Finny Fiends, Batman Makes the Scenes, Hizzoner the Penguin, Dizzoner the Penguin
171209-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #9: The Ring of Wax, Give 'em the Ax, Death in Slow Motion, The Riddler's False Notion
171210-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #10: Batman's Anniversary (w/John Astin), A Riddling Controversy, Shoot a Crooked Arrow (w/A. Carney), Walk the Straight and Narrow
171211-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #11: The Penguin's Nest, The Bird's Last Jest, Pop Goes the Joker, Flop Goes the Joker
171212-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #12: The Devils Fingers (w/Liberace), The Dead Ringers, Marsha Queen of Diamonds, Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds
171213-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #13: Come Back Shame, It's How You Play the Game, The Contaminated Cowl, The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul
171214-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #14: The Thirteenth Hat, Batman Stands Pat, Joker Goes to School, He Meets His Match the Grisly Ghoul
171215-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #15: True or False Face, Holy Rat Race, The Bookworm Turns, While Gotham City Burns
171216-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #16: The Curse of Tut, The Pharoah's in a Rut, The Minstrels' Shakedown, Barbequed Batman
171217-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #17: The Zodiac Crimes, The Joker's Hard Time, The Penguin Declines, Penguin is a Girl's Best Friend
171218-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #18: Penguin Sets A Trend, Penguin's Disasterous End, Ice Spy, The Duo Defy
171219-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #19: The Impractical Joker, The Joker's Provokers, Green Ice, Deep Freeze
171220-20.00 BATMAN EPISODES #20: The Greatest Mother of All, Ma Parker, Black Widow Strikes Again, Caught in the Spider's Den
171221-20.00 BATMAN AND THE GREEN HORNET (66) Batman episodes, A Piece of the Action/Batman's Satisfaction, guest starring Van Williams as Green Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato.
171222-20.00 BEWITCHED #1: And Then There Were Three/The Magic Cabin/Divided He Falls/Fastest Gun on Madison Ave.
171223-20.00 BEWITCHED #2: And Then There Were Three/The Magic Cabin/Divided He Falls/Fastest Gun on Madison Ave.
171224-20.00 BIG VALLEY #1 - Barbara Stanwick, Lee Majors, Linda Evans: Boy into Man w/Richard Dreyfuss and Down Shadow Street w/Richard Long
171225-20.00 BIG VALLEY #2 - Barbara Stanwick, Lee Majors, Linda Evans: Days of Wrath w/Sandra Smith and Alias Neelie Handly
171226-20.00 BIG VALLEY #3 - Barbara Stanwick, Lee Majors, Linda Evans: Earthquake w/Charles Bronson and Rimfire
171227-20.00 BIG VALLEY #4 - Barbara Stanwick, Lee Majors, Linda Evans: A Time to Kill w/William Shatner + Stallion
171228-20.00 BIG VALLEY #5 - Barbara Stanwick, Lee Majors, Linda Evans: Brother Love w/Robert Goulet + Cage of Eagles w/Pernell Roberts
171229-20.00 BIG VALLEY #6 - Barbara Stanwick, Lee Majors, Linda Evans: Joaquin + Night In A Small Town w/James Whitmore & Susan Strasberg
171228-20.00 BRAND NEW LIFE (89) Barbara Eden, Don Murray, Shawnee Smith. Disney Series Pilot. Plus, Episoe: I Fought the Law
171229-20.00 CAGNEY & LACEY: PILOT MOVIE (81) w/Loretta Switt
171230-20.00 CAGNEY & LACEY: TOGETHER AGAIN (95) Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless
171231-20.00 CAR 54 WERE ARE YOU (61-63) #1: Episode 1 thur 4 w/Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne, Bea Pons, Paul Reed
171232-20.00 CAR 54 WERE ARE YOU (61-63) #2: Episode 5 thur 8 w/Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne, Bea Pons, Paul Reed
171233-20.00 CAR 54 WERE ARE YOU (61-63) #3: Episode 9 thur 12 w/Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne, Bea Pons, Paul Reed
171234-20.00 CHIPS #1: Erik Estrada 2 episodes: Pilot & Baby Food
171235-20.00 CHIPS #2: Erik Estrada 2 episodes: The Shiek & Valley Go Home
171236-20.00 CHIPS #3: Erik Estrada 2 episodes: Dyanamite Alley & Pressure Point
171237-20.00 CHIPS #4: Erik Estrada 2 episodes: Down Time & Flash Back
171238-20.00 CHIPS #5: Erik Estrada 2 episodes: High Flyer & Supercycle
171239-20.00 CHIPS #6: Erik Estrada 2 episodes: Name Your Price & Tow Truck Lady
171240-20.00 CHIPS #7: Erik Estrada 2 episodes: Battle of the Bands & High Octane
171241-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #1 (94) The Lottery Winner Murders, Only You
171242-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #2 (94) Self Defense, Our Lady of Cement
171243-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #3 (94) One Day At A Time, Home Sweet Home
171244-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #4 (94) The Fine Art of Murder, Expert Witness
171245-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #5 (94) Mirror Mirror, Camoflage
171246-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #6 (95) Last Tango, Comic Book Murders
171247-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #7 (95) Bakers Dozen, The Hit Parade
171248-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #8 (95) Big Brother, The Medium is the Message
171249-20.00 COSBY MYSTERIES #9 (95) Goldilocks, Dial M For Murder
171250-20.00 F TROOP (TV) 2 episodes: El Diablo/Honest Injun
171251-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #1: Charlotte Rae,Lisa Whelchel,Kim Fields, Nancy McKeon,Mindy Cohn: Starstruck w/Jermaine Jackson/Runaway/Kids Can Be Cruel/Mind Your Own Business
171252-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #2: The Acadmey/Read No Evil/Gas Station Promotion/Where's Poppa
171253-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #3: Best Sister pt.1 and Best Sister pt.2 (w/Eve Plumb)/Guess What's Coming to Dinner/Who's on First
171254-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #4: Graduation part 1 and 2/Jo and Blair graduate/Brave New World part 1 and 2
171255-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #5: Store Games/Small But Dangerous/A Death in the Family/Chain Letter
171256-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #6: Dream Marriage/All By Her Self/Teenage Marriage 1/Teenage Marriage 2
171257-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #7: A Slice of Life/The Summer of 84/E.G.O.C./Seems Like Old Times
171258-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #8: Two Guys From Appleton/With a Little Help From My Friends/Gone With the Wind part 1 and 2
171259-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #9: A Man in the Attic/Sisters/It's Lonely at the Top/Eastland Interview
171260-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #10: Out of the Fire/Into the Frying Pan/The Grand Opening/Bus Stop(A young long-haired George Clooney stars in this Season)
171261-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #11: A New Life/Under Pressure/Teacher's Pet/The Rich Aren't Different
171262-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #12: Boy Around the House/62 Pick-Up w/Bobby Ridale and Fabian/Ex-marks the Spot w/ Dick Van Dick/Younger Than Springtime
171263-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #13: This is Only A Test/Rumor Has It /The Rating Game/The More The Marrier
171264-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #14: 3, 2, 1 / We Get Letters/Christmas Baby/Stake Out Blues
171265-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #15: Jo's Cousin/Sound Of Silence/Daddy's Girl/Ain't Miss Beholden
171266-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #16: The Source/September Song/The Big Fight/Oldest Living Graduate
171267-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #17: The Affair/Dearest Mommie/A Woman's Place/Different Drummer
171268-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #18: Gamma Gamma or Bust/Just My Bill/What Price Glory?/Advanced Placement
171269-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #19: Star At Langley/Love At First Byte/Taking A Chance On Love Parts 1 and 2
171270-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #20: Working It Out/Men For All Seasons/Come Back To The Truck Stop/Born Too Late
171271-20.00 FACTS OF LIFE #21: The Agent/Concentration/Ready Or Not/A Star Is Torn


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