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Any Time Any Place


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Any Time Any Place
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Sex, suspense and comedy all together in ANYTIME.... ANYPLACE.

Featured is Seka, as Lynn, the not so dumb blonde, who joins Skinner (Mike Ranger) and his buddy Chickie, two inept burglars, who are trying to make a living the only way they don't know how.

Its the first sexy caper with pizazz, from the pool halls and pawn shops to the exclusive estates they prowl, sex manages to rear its lovely head. Barely evading capture, they screw their way to success without a wasted moment.

Skinner is trying to raise money to bail his buddy out of a jam while proving to his parole officer (Tara Flynn) how very "good" he is.

The oddball team stays one step ahead of the cops, but they never seem to be too worried about it, indulging in a rich variety of sexual activity. (In one of their many farcical heists they think they are stealing computers -- which turn out to be boxes of dildos!)

Ready, willing and able, Lynn would do anything to help Skinner and usually does with zest. She's so hot in fact she'll do it ANY TIME... ANY PLACE

The director of the very popular Taboo films also made this nicely compacted erotic movie.

Starring: Seka, Lee Carroll, Tara Flynn, Mike Ranger, Suzannah French, Billy Dee and Bill Margold

This feature is rated X and is only for viewers over 18 years of age.


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