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Daughters Of Emmanuelle


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Daughters Of Emmanuelle
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Daughters of Emmanuelle, takes a look at the sexual hang-ups and experiences of the offspring of the swinging, free loving Emmanuelle generation; now adults, but very much a product of their environment.

Barbara (Rhonda Jo Petty) is engaged to Paul (Ron Jeremy), but she is afraid to let herself go with him.... afraid that her body doesn' t look good enough, tht she isn't a good lover.

Paul arrages for her to do a nude photo session, hoping she will loosen up a little. She does, but a lot more than Paul anticipates!

In the second segment, Kay (Jeanette James) and Howard (Kevin Gibson) are young marrieds who are having a problem keeping the excitement they once experienced with each other.

Kay decides to enroll in an institute for sexual improvement. Howard finds out and decides to looks into it. When he does, Howard and Kay live happily ever after!

Starring: Rhonda Jo Petty, Jeanette James, Jennifer Russell, Kevin Gibson, and Ron Jeremy

This feature is rated X and is only for viewers over 18 years of age.


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