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The Defiance

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Young, virginal, Cathy (Jean Jennings), is too rebellious for her religious mother (Holly Landis) and father (Roderick Usher). So, they do what any self-respecting parents would do - have their daughter committed to a mental institution.

There, she gets "examined" by a male nurse (Turk Turpin), gang-banged by inmates and raped by orderlies. She complains to the administration, whom conclude that she is delusional and paranoid.

Enter Manson-ish, Dr. Gabriel (Fred Lincoln) who runs a private sanitarium. With the permission of her parents, Cathy is released to his sole care. He demands 100 percent submission. His subjects are to "obey without question."

Here, the "good doctor" attempts to free Cathy's spirit and flesh by subjecting her to the severest of sexual degradations and deviations. She's chained, beaten, whipped, manacled, forced to perform cuninglingus and felatio, participate in group sex, etc...

Susan (Day Jason), shows up at the private institution, soon after Cathy's "graduation." Will Cathy help her escape, or free her soul?

Written and Directed by Armond Weston, Starring Jean Jennings, Fred Lincoln, Ellen Hill, Day Jason, Holly Landis, Roderick Usher, Sandy Foxx, Faith Jones, Turk Turpin, Hurant, Jaime Gillis, Pam Sanders

Contains full nudity, bondage, penetration, copulation, rape, etc...

This video is for viewers over 18 years of age.


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