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Downstairs Upstairs


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Downstairs Upstairs
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Seka and an insatiable cast portray a family of wealthy degenerates whose only passion is the wanton pursuit of lust and physical ecstasy!

Downstairs, Upstairs is centered around a house made named Olive, played by Sherrisse, a new and rising talent. Olive's job is with the uproariously sex happy Bun family. The family includes Sheila, played by Seka, Mr. Bun and his wife (Kay Parker). As the picture builds to a hot climax, Manners, the butler, joins Olive and Sheila in a menage-a-trois. The incredible scenes that follow are the most erotic and sexual ever shown on the screen.

Top Box Office Film For 1980

Starring: Seka, Kay Parker R.J. Reynolds, Lisa DeLeeuw, Sherrisse

This feature is rated X and is only for viewers over 18 years of age.


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