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Mary! Mary!


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Mary! Mary!
DVD - $29.95

Constance Money brings to the screen the kind of beauty that easily ranks her among the most internationally famous women of our time. Her appearance in Misty Beethoven brought her world-wide acclaim as the most beautiful actress ever to appear in an adult motion picture.

Now in Mary! Mary!, she proves that she is not only breathtakingly attractive, but a sexual superstar, as she, John Leslie and Sharon Thorpe prove beyond any doubt that this is without question the hottest and most erotically arousing film ever made. Truly a collector's treasure.

"Constance Money is the most luscious, heavenly body to be seen without a telescope... super erotic action so titillating that only a blindman could fail to become aroused!"   --  High Society

Nominated "Best Picture of the Year"

Starring: Constance Money, Sharon Thorpe and John Leslie

This feature is rated X and is only for viewers over 18 years of age.


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