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Pony Girls


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Pony Girls


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The 1981 porn classic: PONY GIRLS

Through special arrangement we are able to offer copies of this film direct from the copyright owners. These are the only authorized DVD copies known to man and there are very few of them in stock.

Get 'em while you can because after that, they're likely to never be seen again.

Featuring: Anne Beatty,Bonnie Mulford, Carole Tong, Diane Baxter, Maureen Kelly, Shirley White, Susan Critz, Chad Tipton, Jim Stampler, Lou Hanton, Mike Thornton, Steve Brown & Tom Cannon

Candida Royale is the only well-known performer in this blue movie oddity. Even though this film has a disjointed travelogue feel - the sex filmed showcases all the earmarks of authentic classic erotica - especially featuring this early footage of the nubile Ms. Royale at the ranch.

This video is for viewers over 18 years of age.

Available in 1st generation DVD only!


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