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Prison A Go Go

Prison A Go Go

Prison A Go Go
The killing never stops ...

After her sister is abducted for scientific reasons, brainy and beautiful Janie must solve the mystery and attempt a rescue. The lone clue leads to a notorious, maximum security women’s prison in the Philippines where committing a crime may be her only way in. Once on the inside, Janie comes face to face with the jail block’s colorful population of bizarre convicts including luscious lifer "Jackpot" (Rhonda Shear), a ruthless warden (Mary Woronov), vicious prison guards, and horrifying genetic experiments at the hands of a mad doctor. As Janie struggles to save her sister and other female guinea pigs from almost certain death or worse, she must also deal with the daily rigors, violent encounters, and super-sexy exploits that can only come with life in a 100% all women’s prison!

In this nod to women-behind-bars exploitation films, when her sister Callista is abducted, brainy Janie sets out to find her. But the only clue leads her to a maximum-security women's prison in the Philippines where the inmates are as colorful as the crimes they've committed. Starring Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000, Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects), Lloyd Kaufman and Rhonda Shear (USA's Up All Night), this campy jailhouse romp is packed with enough kung fu, mud wrestling and shower scenes to make you drop your soap.

Laurie Walton's quest to free her veterinarian sister from a women's prison in the Philippines drives her to murder so she'll be placed behind bars, too. It's not too long before she encounters evil warden Mary Woronov, luscious lifer Rhonda Shear, nasty guards, and nonstop sexual mayhem.

Directed by Barak Epstein, Starring:
Lauren Graham, Rhonda Shear, Mary Woronov, Laurie Walton, Louisa Lawless, Ilram Choi, Lloyd Kaufman, Mike Wiebe
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