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Erotic Misadventures Of The Invisible Man DVD

Erotic Misadventures Of The Invisible Man

Erotic Misadventures Of The Invisible Man DVD
The Invisible Man's Erotic Rampage!

Aspiring actor Norman is having trouble being seen in Hollywood. But when he stumbles on an invisibility formula, he finds that not being seen is much more fun.... and all the girls love him! Boldly going where no man has been unseen before, Norman is journeying into a comic adventure of barely visible proportions.

Norman Parent is a struggling actor who has just been dumped by his girlfriend who has found someone else. To pick up extra cash, in other words to pay the bills, Norman works as a waiter at private parties. While working as a waiter, Norman is told to get some wine from the wine cellar. He finds two people that have slipped off from the party for some action, and he fantasies that the man and woman are his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (a somewhat reoccurring theme). He dodges past them to a small room where he runs into Kelli Parkinson, another struggling actor. Before too much time passes, Norman's boss sticks his head in the room and fires Norman. Kelli leaves, and Norman knocks over a large container of some liquid substance.

Well, that liquid substance gets all over Norman, and he turns invisible and acquires the scent of butterscotch. The rest of the movie involves Norman wandering around invisible getting into mischief, mostly with Kelli, and having fantasies about his ex-girlfriend, including an erotic Olympic competition.

This includes: Norman getting back at his ex-boss at the party by making him look like a fool, and playing with the guests and the female waitress (by ripping her dress off, which inspires one female guest to take her dress off - who is attractive and quite happy, but not an actress); fun with Kelli at her friends apartment when Kelli accidentally eats the wrong food that makes her very aroused; fun in Europe/England: joining in on a sťance; Italy: joining Kelli for a screen test, and "helping" a horror film actress "act" more believable in being aroused/erotically energized; and other fine adventures.

Directed by Rolfe Kanefsky
Starring: Scott Coppola, Gabriella Hall, Doug Merril, Holly Hollywood, Kim Dawson

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