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Misty Mundae Euro Vixen Collection Boxed Set DVD

Misty Mundae Euro Vixen Collection Boxed Set DVD

Misty Mundae Euro Vixen Collection Boxed Set DVD
Popular Seduction Cinema actress, late-night cable TV sensation, and ‘B’ movie starlet Misty Mundae is instantly recognizable as one of the most talented and seductive women working in the genre today thanks to star performances in cult classic erotica hits including Play-mate of the Apes, SpiderBabe, Lord of the G-Strings and Gladiator Eroticus. Her innocent, doe-eyed beauty and girl-next-door allure have charmed, excited, and enticed millions of fans across the United States and around the globe!

The Euro-Vixen 3-Disc Collection proudly presents the alternate and hotter! ¬– European cuts of four Misty films…versions never-before-seen in the U.S. They amply attest to Misty Mundae’s international sex appeal and stunning popularity overseas. Includes Roxanna "Euro," Satans School for Lust "Euro," Vampire Vixens "Euro," Mummy Raider "Euro".

MUMMY RAIDER (2001) MISTY MUNDAE, DARIAN CAINE, RUBY LaROCCA. When peril threatens the world, it's up to deadly yet delectable super-secret-agent Misty Mundae to save the day, seduce the villain, and win the girl. Previously released only in Japan/UK.

ROXANNA (2001) MISTY MUNDAE, DARIAN CAINE, BARBARA JOYCE, C J DiMARSICO, KELLI SUMMERS, SYN DeVIL, JULIAN WELLS -- Misty is a sexy, saucy slut with a drug habit who also indulges an insatiable desire for hot and kinky lesbian love. Previously released only in the UK.

SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR LUST (2001) MISTY MUNDAE, DARIAN CAINE, ZOE MOONSHINE, RUBY LaROCCA, KELLI SUMMERS, BARBARA JOYCE -- Young, beautiful and naive Primula Cooper (Misty Mundae) is sent to the Diablo School for Girls where extra-curricular activities include erotic debauchery and orgiastic satanic rituals. Previously released only to US/UK Cable Television.

VAMPIRE VIXENS (2001) -- This sequel to Vampire's Seduction finds Misty Mundae giving an ultra-erotic crash course in luxurious lesbian love-making to a young woman eager to learn all she can. Includes rare, naughty Misty scenes that'll make your blood boil!. Previously released only to UK DVD.

SPECIAL FEATURES include Misty's UK Interview, US Interview 2004, Skin to Scream Documentary, Factory 2000 Cocumentary and Full Color Booklet.

Contains Nudity and Sexual Situations. Parental Discretion is Strongly Advised.

Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Ruby LaRocca, Barbara Joyce, Kelli Summers, Julian Wells
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