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Crazed Killers DVD

Crazed Killers

Crazed Killers

Welcome to the twisted world of Pendulum Pictures, the new name in horror that marks a new world of amazing values on amazing film compilations. These collections gather the best of low-budget Indy horror in a series that will scare up sales to the immense and growing base of horror fans. This 6 movie pack includes the following films:

Toe Tags (2003) - John Overbey, Dru Callis, Alicia Jenkins, Judy Charles, Jeff Crain, Darla Enlow
Everyone collects something, either due to appreciation of they have intentions of making a profit... however, there are those who want to make a killing! The high-rent disctrict of Valley Creek Apartments appears to be a magnet for beautiful people... at least those who can afford to live there. What the tennants don't realize is that rent has just gone up, and it's costing the residents their lives!

Day Of The Ax (2005) - Janet Robbins, Dustin Ardine, Amy Liszka, Mo Stroemel, John Pierce
On May 8th, 1984, 12-year-old J.R. Song murdered his mother with an axe. For eight years, the boy remained at the Saint Catherian Mental State Hospital. In 1992, he escaped, brutally murdering many innocent people in the process. The manhunt for J.R. was called off after six months due to lack of evidence; the media had a field day and titiled it "Day Of The Ax." But this so-called Day of the Ax was only the beginning.

Kill The Scream Queen (2004) - Debbie D, Deborah Dutch, Heather Taylor, Rachel Degenaro, Rachelle Plaster
A sadist movie maker posts ads on the internet luring fledgling actresses to his den of horror and torture promising them fame and fortune if they act in his "snuff film." The unsuspecting women realize only after they have been tied up that he really means to torture, rape and kill them for all to see. Watch in sheer terror as each defenseless girl meets her untimely demise.

The Traveler (2005) - Shawn Burke, Jonathan R, Skocik, Melanie D' Alessandro, Erica Highberg
Deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, a terrible evil is about to be unleashed by an old, decrepit house with a violent past that has been abandoned and forgotten. Seven people will come to this house and they will all come face to face with a force darker and more horrifying than their worst nightmares. They will struggle t survive the forces of pure evil with incredible power and unspeakable malice. A being known nl as... The Traveler.

Charlie's Death Wish (2005) - Phoebe Dollar, Ron Jeremy, Lemmy, Dizzy Reed, Tracii Guns
After her sister is murdered in jail by a gang of drug dealers, Charlie Durham begins to rub out the gang bangers and the cops who butchered her sister, one by one. A sympathetic police officer turns a blind eye to her rampage. But when the entire city of Hollywood explodes, literally, even he cannot protect Charlie from an army of assassins ready for payback. We dare you to watch and not hold your breath...

Serial Killer (2004) - Adam Berasi, Vic Badger, Pamela Sutch, Desiree, Eddie Benevich
Michael is your typical horror book writer. Each page of his new book becomes more and more realistic with each chapter. As fiction becomes reality, Michael finds himself searching for the truth in a serial killer's mind. Could Michael actually be living the life of a serial killer, or is there someone in the shadows playing with Michael, making him the main character in this ghastly story?

Why spend your hard-earned cash on just one of these titiles, when you can get all six for the price of one?
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