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Danger Theatre DVD

Danger Theater

Danger Theatre DVD
Danger Theatre

A spoof comedy-anthology series introduced by Robert Vaughn, best known as Napoleon Solo in the 1960s spy series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. In keeping with the show's style, Vaughn deliberately lampooned his on-screen persona, caricaturing himself as a has-been actor reduced to hosting a cheap show, and he looked appropriately uncomfortable when introducing the stories, adding physical incompetence to the mix by missing his marks and wandering off camera.

The series chiefly comprised two recurring segments. The first was The Searcher, which depicted the adventures of a seemingly supernatural, black-clad biker, not unlike the lead figure in the adventure series Knight Rider, who rushes to the aid of people who express their need for help. The Searcher is an impossibly uptight, deep-voiced champion of the underdog who undermines his otherwise daunting presence by being massively clumsy and accident-prone. Luckily, he is near to indestructible - even when an aeroplane crashes on him in the credit sequence, he is left unscathed. The second segment was Tropical Punch, a Hawaii Five-O pastiche that featured Adam West in the same camp, stiff style he had employed in the 1960s TV light-adventure series Batman.

The spoofs were reasonably humorous and the actors, pleasingly, played their parts as straight as possible for the utmost comedic effect, but it was the phoney credits sequences (complete with pastiche themes from composer Leo Schifrin) that most impressed. Penelope Spheeris, the director of successful Hollywood comedy movies such as Wayne's World, was at work here and her contribution helped make the series a modest success.

Includes the Complete Series: Fatal Distraction / Lethal Luau, Phantom Of Fashion / Aloha, Rich Man, Goodbye, Comes A Searcher / Vengeance In The Grass, Go Ahead, Fry Me, An Old Friend For Dinner, Move My Lips / Dead Stranger In Paradise, Searcher In The Mist / sex, lies and decaf.


Directors: Mark Jean, Penelope Spheeris, Starring
Robert Vaughn, Adam West, Diedrich Bader, Billy Morrissette, Tracy Scoggins


Note: this is an underground production and may not be up to current digital standards and is offerred, "as is," for its scientific value
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