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Fatal Femmes DVD

Fatal Femmes

Fatal Femmes

Welcome to the twisted world of Pendulum Pictures, the new name in horror that marks a new world of amazing values on amazing film compilations. These collections gather the best of low-budget Indy horror in a series that will scare up sales to the immense and growing base of horror fans. This 6 movie pack includes the following films:

The Bewitching (2006) - Beverly Lynne, Tezz Vancey, Steve Reaser
Passion and fury burns inside Gretchen, an ancient witch who longs to experience mortal pleasures of the flesh. However, this is sacrilege against her Order of Witches. No longer being able to hold back, Gretchen flees the coven for Las Vegas to find her mortal prey and satisf her thirst for earthly debauchery. However, Gretchen learns too late the pains of pleasure.

A Candle In The Dark (2002) - Alexandra Ackerman, Shelby Barendrick, Trish Christensen
A series of "vampire" style murders on campus has Sarah afraid of her own shadow. It doesn't help that her new dorm mate, Lilith, wears only gothic clothing, is afraid of crosses, avoids daylight and resembles a member of the undead. Sarah becomes convinced that Lilith has something to do with the horrendous murders. When Sarah can't convince others of her outlandish theory... she becomes the next target.

Catholic Ghoulgirls (2005) - Mark Brown, Ally Melling, James Hudnall
Whe the undead rise from the grave and invade their small town, a group of catholic scholgirls must team up with a local gang in an effort to escape from the dead. They are pursued by a pair of lesbian nuns and Deat himself - who happens to be gay. Catholic Ghoulgirls is an action-packed, hair-raising thrill ride.

Cutting Room! (2005) - Lyla Sullivan, Noelle D'Amato, Shaun O'Rourke
A group of aspiring actors attend a cast party for their low-budget "Slasher" movie. Missing from the fun is the movie's director. What lies ahead for our aspiring actors? Will they meet their untimely demise or starve to death waiting for the pizza guy to arrive?

The Parasite (1997) - David Gaffney, Julia Matias, David Akin
A scientist discovers that he's become a vessel for the evil ambitions of someone else. Richard Austin is a scientist performing research on the paranormal. Helena is a wooman who claims to have unusual powers of hypnotic suggestion and volunteers to be a test subject for Richard. He soon realizes that he's gotten more than he imagined when he discovers that Helena is capable of taking control of his mind.

Up For Rent (2006) - Sharon Savene, Shania Patricia, Daniel Cohn
Three terrifying stories in one feature length movie. A perverse tale of terror is spun in "Push" as a woman with a tragic past suspects her lover is cheating on her and seeks a bloody revenge. "Eye to Eye" reveals the intracacy between a killer and the women he loves. Watch as a man with a dead-end life in "Wanna-be Deadly" decides to become the best serial killer ever... at least he tries to be.

Why spend your hard-earned cash on just one of these titiles, when you can get all six for the price of one?
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