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Serial Psychos DVD

Serial Psychos

Serial Psychos

Welcome to the twisted world of Pendulum Pictures, the new name in horror that marks a new world of amazing values on amazing film compilations. These collections gather the best of low-budget Indy horror in a series that will scare up sales to the immense and growing base of horror fans. This 6 movie pack includes the following films:

Blood Massacre (1987) - George Stover, Robin London, James DiAngelo, Thomas Humes, Lisa Defuso, Anne Frith
When things go bad during a video store robbery, a gang of thugs carjack a young woman and force her to give them shelter at her family's creepy home tucked far off the beaten path. As the gang holds the family hostage, they discover the family's sinister secret and the tables are turned. The hunters become the hunted, in a nightmarish twist loaded with murder, mutilation and mayhem!

Thirteen (1990) - David Adamson, Leeann Nestegard, Ed Chester, Bonnie Beck, Suzy Hamann
Who said there's safety in numbers? A serial killer is on the loose... bloody bodies are everywhere! All the victims have one thing in common: The killer has carved an "M" (the thirteenth letter) on the back of each one. What does this mean? The police are baffled and turn to a popular radio DJ for help. Little do the cops know, the killer is closer to them than they could have ever imagined.

Hip Hop Locos (2001) - Unodoz, J10, Jose E., Aubrey Flowers, J.J. Martinez, Frank Miranda
On the evening of Feb 20, 2001, two Latino rappers committed a murderous crime spree while filming on a digital video camera. Their plan - rob local drug dealers for their cocaine, sell it and use the profits to record a hip-hop album rapping about their crimes. The footage was taken from their hidden camera, along with other footage obtained from various surveilance cameras. This is what actually occurred on that shocking evening. Prepare yourself for the unthinkable.

Las Vegas Blood Bath (1997) - Ari Levin, Rebecca Gandara, Barbara Bell, Susanne Ciddio, Tiffany Heisler, Tina Prunty
After discovering that his wife has betrayed him, Sam Butler finds himself on the bloodiest homicidal killing spree Las Vegas has ever seen! This goriffic good time also features the Beautiful Ladies of Oil Wrestling.

I Hate You (2005) - Marvin Schwartz, Loraine Blasor, Brooks Hornsby, Carol Lamb, Bill Santiago
Norman, a New York City comic, is convinced that killing people is his ticket to everlasting fame. Norman will be remembered forever, like his idol, Jack The Ripper. Watch as, "I Hate You," chronicles one man's deadly obsession with cold-blooded killing as a path to immortality.

Slasher (1987) - Juli Andelman, David Bret Stice, Allison O'Meilia, Christi Beavers, Catherine L. Tolin, Dot Whisman
A deranged killer lurks in the shadows of a small town on a college campus. One by one, a group of sorority sisters are brutally murdered and dissected. It's up to the Sheriff to stop the killer. Time is ticking and the Slasher is growing more powerful with each putrid mutilation.

Why spend your hard-earned cash on just one of these titiles, when you can get all six for the price of one?
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