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Caress of the Vampire

Caress of the Vampire 2: Teenage Foot Ghoul-A-Go-Go

Caress of the Vampire 2: Teenage Foot Ghoul-A-Go-Go
Status Quo, Go Blow! It's CARESS OF THE VAMPIRE 2! We're talking vintage John Waters meets Ed Wood, then ten times worse. That should give you a good idea of the glorious ineptitude, inspired madness and outlandish gusto on parade for all to see and cheer in this horrifically perverse and tasteless assault on fragile and unsuspecting sensibilities, brought to you by the retro, counter-culture hipster freak folks from Severed Lips Recording.

Thrill! to the sight of the faustian foot fetist podiatrist - Dr. Acula - as he lovingly, longingly sniffs intimate hosiery and delectable footware. Gasp! as Billy the Vampire from Chink Madness hatches his fiendish scheme to turn teenage girls into ghouls via blood enemas.

Shriek! When these undead cool-cats hire a record producer to cut their first single, then perform it live in all its Don Kirshner kitsch.

Spasm! as their dreams of fame and fortune are thwarted when then all die...again!

But that's not all. There's regurgitation, there's revenge, there's reanimation - not to mention shocking and cleverly choreographed scenes of explicit and gratuitous foot fondling, all in the name of good clean wholesome fun. Part poison, part tonic - with an anarchistic blend of ther ingenious, the outrageous and the offensive - comes the campy and hilarious film, Caress of...It is a tale so bizarre - so palpably raw, sleazy and 70's that you must see it, taste it, touch it, hear it and smell it to believe it. It's quite a feat!

Ruby Honeycat, William Hellfire, Mickey Ovum, Matt Icklan
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