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Fantastic 4: Bootleg Video

Fantastic 4: Bootleg Video

Fantastic 4: Bootleg Video

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You've heard the rumors about the 1992 Live Action Fantastic Four Movie - Now see the film for yourself as proof that the film was indeed made, although no official release of this film is to be released.
WARNING: This is not an official release. This is an unathorized BOOTLEG copy of the video, is not presented with any accompanying graphics. We have scoured the countryside for a quality copy of this video and maintain that we have not been able to find one. The quality of this video is substandard, but viewable. We are constantly on the lookout for a better source for this video and warrant only that we are making available the best quality tape/DVD possible. If you know of a better source, please contact us. These are offered "as is" with no possibility of a refund. No rights are given nor implied.

In a scientific experiment involving a cosmic disturbance called Colossus, Reed Richards (Alex Hyde-White) and friend/classmate Victor (Joseph Culp) are involved in an accident that presumably kills Victor.

Guilt-ridden Reed spends the next 10 years trying to make it up to his dead friend by harnessing the power of Colossus. He designs a special rocketship that uses the world's largest diamond as a filter to prevent a recurrence of the accident that happened 10 years ago.

The diamond is replaced with a fake, which causes the ship to crash onto Earth. The ship is destroyed, but, miraculously, all four crew members survive. Johnny Storm (Jay Underwood) discovers he has the power of flame, Susan Storm (Rebecca Staab) invisibility, and Reed, the ability to stretch his body like a rubber band at will. Then Ben Grimm (Michael Bailey Smith) turns into a human rock-creature.

They are "rescued" by Dr. Doom (Joseph Culp, in a great plastic-enhanced costume that closely resembles his comic book character counterpart), who wants to drain them of their powers. In a bitchin', rubberized rock-man costume, Ben announces their escape with his famous line, "It's clobberin' time!" The Fantastic Four use their powers to take on two dozen heavily armed guards.

Escape they do, and Reed discovers that their powers focus on their weaknesses -- Reed's stretching himself too thin, Susan's shyness, Johnny's quick temper and Ben's resorting to brute strength -- and proves that our greatest weaknesses are really our greatest strengths. Johnny replies, "Holy Freud, Batman! I think you're right!"

Susan whips up super-hero costumes and the changed crew become The Fantastic Four: Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Girl, The Human Torch and The Thing. While trying to save new York from destruction the F4 are recaptured by Doom, who begins to transfer their powers to himself. How they gonna get out'a this one?

Roger Corman Presents The Fantastic Four Starring:
Alex Hyde-White, Jay Underwood, Rebecca Staab, Michael Bailey Smith, Joseph Culp, Ian Trigger, George Gaynes
UNIT: each
PRICE: US$19.99
Shipping in the United States and Canada only: $7 for first item plus $1.50 for each additional item.. Offered "as is" without possibility of rebate or refund.


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