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Haunting Fear

Haunting Fear

Haunting Fear
Edgar Allen Poe's tale of passion, betrayal and murder. Starring Karen Black, Jan-Michael Vincent and Michael Berryman.

From the tortured spirit of Edgar Allen Poe comes his most inspired tale of sexual terror and psychological suspense...

Haunting Fear is an erotically charged decent into madness starring the broodingly, romantic Jan-Michael Vincent and a mysteriously exotic Karen Black.

A sensuous innocent, Victoria (Cult-queen Brinke Stevens) is lured into crippling paranoia as her unfaithful husband and his murderous mistress conspire to drive her mad.

Enlisting the help of a twisted psychiatrist (Karen Black), Victoria's nightmarish fears grow into a reality of living hell. As she is pushed to the limits of her sanity, Victoria's torrid encounter with a mysterious drifter (Jan-Michael Vincent) becomes her only chance for survival.

Stylishly directed at a riviting pace, Edgar Allen Poe's Haunting Fear! spirals into a frenzy of sexual insanity and erotic revenge as it climaxes with one of the most controversial endings in cinematic history. Hanunting Fear: Her Unnatural Desires Become his Lethal Obsession!

Directed by Fred Olen Ray, Starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Karen Black, Brinke Stevens, Jay Richardson, Delia Shepard, Robert Clarke, Robert Quarry, Michael Berryman
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