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I Spit On Your Corpse

I Spit On Your Corpse

I Spit On Your Corpse
I SPIT ON YOUR CORPSE Just when you though it was safe to go back in the bedroom...

Two mob hit women are set up as exectioners for hire.

They mix love, murder and cruelty in their work in this fast-paced thriller on wheels.

Director Al Adamson and producer Sam Sherman were never ones for subtlety. The original name for this low-budget drive-in action thriller was Girls for Rent, but according to Sherman (who introduces the film with a few anecdotes) the title was changed when it went to video, and it stuck. And why not? It's an appropriately incendiary title for a violent, raw production.

Legendary X-rated star Georgina Spelvin (Behind the Green Door) stars as a hard-bitten hit woman sprung from a Mexican prison by a mob boss with big plans. Her first job is the murder of a blackmailing politician, but when a witness flees in panic Spelvin and tough-as-nails partner in crime Rosalind Miles hit the road to silence her for good. Shot on the cheap by longtime collaborator Gary Graver (who also photographed Orson Welles's last films), it's a lean, brutal film with some unexpectedly affecting moments. Spelvin is awkward with dialogue but makes a wicked psycho killer, cackling with maniacal glee as she murders her way through the California desert. Miles has charisma to spare as the more calculating of the pair.

Unlike many of Adamson's productions, it's a coherent film from start to finish with a hard, vicious edge and a nihilistic twist rarely seen in the low-budget action films made today.

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