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Rage of the Werewolf

Rage of the Werewolf

Rage of the Werewolf

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After the asteroid collided with the moon, bringing it into a closer orbit around the Earth, thousands of people became werewolves. The world howled.

But Jake, a virtual prisoner in the escape proof New York City of 2010, was a lyncanthrope BEFORE it became so popular-and as a result he can change form at will. His estranged brother LAZLO (Joe Zaso), who is the unspoken ruler of the mostly lawless city, wants to throw a revolt and unite all the 'wolves together to destroy humanity…and wants to drag his relucant brother Jake into his megalomaniacal plans for world domination…

Jake, on the run from the authorities with his sidekick Ralph (Tom Nondorf), must make his way past helicopters, police, subterranean mutants, bounty hunters and even a spy in his midst in order to discover exactly what his evil brother is up to and resolve the bad blood that flows between them…

What he didn't count on were the powers of a mysterious woman who ultimately holds his fate…

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