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The Shivers

The Shivers

The Shivers
The Dread Mansion has a horrible past filled with death and violence, yet Rudy (Rico Love) buys it anyway. His ambition is to open a dance club in the large old house.

On the very same night that he becomes owner, friends drop in to have a "house-warming" party, not realizing the evil that they would awaken. One by one the partygoers are butchered until only a handful are left, and they must unearth the dark secret of the Dread Mansion to survive.

Jesse, Pheonix and Sarah must travel between worlds and dimensions, face horrible demons, fight spectres and ghosts and finally battle Ebon Dread himself in a showdown to the death! His plans for world domination must be stopped before both dimensions merge into one and Earth is haunted forever!.

The Shivers is an exciting, non-stop barrage of Terror from the Horror "Prince of Gore" Todd Sheets that will leave you breathless! Full of state of the art digital effects, gory make-up effects and unrelenting suspense!

"This is the most ambitious, fun and grossest Low Budget movie I have ever had the pleasure of seeing!" - Gorefest E-Zone

Directed by Todd Sheets, Starring:
Rico Love, Nick Stodden, Jenni Geigel, Ruth Dyer, Jolene Durrill, Lyla Johnson, Antwoine Steele, becky Stodden, Rod Will, Brenna O'Brien, Blake Washer, Pat Stodden
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