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Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales
Far from the DARKSIDE, away from the ZONE, TWISTED TALES is a cut above the rest.

In an Australian version of Tales Of The Unexpected, Bryan Brown introduces stories of the bizarre and the supernatural. Sometimes serious, often comical, but always with a twist at the end of the story. Such as the struggling artist with the mobile phone who goes to great lengths to steal the body of a well-known businessman in order to paint his posthumous portrait, only to meet his retribution when he is buried alive in his place with his phone, his attempts to call for help unheard by his interrer, who's listening to his walkman.

In NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Joey exaggerates everything-his way with women, his drinking stamina and his fighting prowess-to such an extent that his lies spring to life and come after him. That is, until he makes up a story big enough to kill him.

THE SHOOTING: Tommy is in trouble-there's a corpse in his apartment, a smoking gun in his hand, and the law is shortly behind. To top it off, his psychic girlfriend "sees" his every move and is helping the police. When he stumbles upon a fellow murderer he has a choice to maketo kill or not to kill again.

HUNGRY LIKE A BAT? Charlie explains to a psychiatrist that he has a desperate problem-he doesn't want to kill his new, attractive next-door neighbor (Laura McLauchlin of ADDICTED TO MURDER), who he wants to put the bite on-which isn't easy for someone who suffers from not one but TWO nasty nocturnal supernatural afflictions.

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