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Erotic Survivor

Erotic Survivor

Erotic Survivor


Erotic Survivor

The Video Addicts Hotline is proud to present The Erotic Survivor, the very first spoof of the widely successful reality television show, Survivor.

Erotic Survivor is a voyeuristic game decided by wits, willpower and wild eroticism as two teams stranded in a remote tropical forest battle the elements and themselves to see who will come out on top and win the million dollar Grand Prize.

Stranded hundreds of feet from civilization were the eight people who made up the two warring tribes. Darian Caine and Jade DuBoir teamed up with Misty Mundae and Esmerelda DellaRocco (Gladiator Eroticus) to comprise the "Poononny" Tribe. And on the opposing "Heyhoononny" tribe, Mary Whitehead (cult movie favorite Debbie Rochon), Christian Wright (Justin Wingenfeld), Ward Lucas (Bill Hellfire) and Bernie Lombardo (Joey Smack).

For the all-girl team that quickly discovers it's made up of full-blooded, hot-bodied lesbians, you can be sure each of them will wind up "on top" several times! That's because their competitions are performed on one another - with taut, writhing bodies and eager, sensual mouths forming the kinds of alliances you'll never see on TV.

And unlike the other team that strives to win, these girls strive to sin, and their uncensored, uninhibited teamwork will likely turn the next tribal council into a steamy orgiastic ritual!

'Tis the lesbians versus the non-lesbians. Unchained sexual creatures verses those who uphold the ideals of Whitebread America (who we team up with a pair of wasted junkies, in order to represent the proper cross-section of these United States). Witness the Tapioca Challenge! Thrill to the mental dexterity of Sexual Trivia! Watch four women make out with each other - for no real reason!!

Directed byJohn (The Erotic Witch Project) Bacchus, Starring
Darian Caine, Debbie Rochon, Misty Mundae, Esmerelda DellaRocco, Jade DuBoir, William Hellfire, Joey Smack, Justin Wingenfeld
UNIT: each
PRICE: US$19.98
Shipping in the United States and Canada only: $7 for first item plus $1.50 for each additional item.


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