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Erotic Vampire In Paris

Erotic Vampire In Paris

Erotic Vampire In Paris
Erotic Vampire In Paris

When a young, virginal American girl (Misty Mundae) learns of her motherís death in Paris, she travels to the City of Lights for the funeral. Sad and alone, she wanders the exotic city in search of answers, finality, and peace of mind.

When she is befriended by a mysterious and voluptuous woman (Tina Krause), little does she realize that this luscious Parisian beauty is a modern-day vampire looking for vulnerable victims.

Her innocent girlish charms and sensual young body arouse this predatory creature of the night, and the two of them begin a torrid affair that pushes the bounds of female lust and eroticism to new heights. As their lesbian relationship intensifies, The mystery woman is able to conceal her vampire identity and unquenchable thirst for blood from the girl.

But soon her true animal nature can no longer be hidden, and the virginal beauty must face the horrifying reality of her fanged lover. Will they remain eternal bedmates, or will predator devour prey?

Starring Misty Mundae, Mia Copia, Tina Krause, Fanny Terjeki, Christophe Bier

UnRated contains Nudity and Strong Sexual Content. Recommemded for viewers over 18.

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DVD Version features the following:

  • Complete feature film
  • On-Set Footage
  • Interview with Misty Mundae & Donald Farmer
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