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The Video Addicts Hotline presents Gaspers, four twisted tales of wriggling, bare naked ladies, in various circumstances resulting in their own ends, as they try to cling to life, in their futile final fight for survival, gasping for some hope...

Story One:
Kayla has a mission to assassinate the President, so she marries an agent who will allow her to get close to him. He overhears her talking about the assignment and turns the tables on her. First, switching drinks and putting her under his control, he then has her drink the poison she had planed to give to him, causing her to die a slow and twitching death. He then finishes by undressing her and bidding her goodbye, in his own way. What a gentleman... making sure a lady is comfortable after he kills her.

Story Two:
John questions Roxxi, but he must not like her answers because he places a bag over her head until all of her air is gone and she dies. Do you think he finally got the answers he was looking for?

Story Three:
Poor Megan... After a hard day, she tries to relax in her babydoll night gown. Unfortunately, someone is waiting to strangle her on the couch. At least she went to sleep early, but I don't think her alarm clock is going to wake her up this time!

Story Four:
Lissa's husband just got his cell phone bill. Talk about a cheapskate! Just because she was calling her boyfriend on his bill, he strangles her with her own blond hair. I wonder if the cell phone company gave him a credit for the call to the police afterwards...

WARNING: Contains extreme nudity, fetish-inspired violence. Not for sale to minors.

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Video Addicts Hotline
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WA 98520
United States of America

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