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Lustful Addiction

Lustful Addiction

Lustful Addiction


Lustful Addiction

DOUBLE FEATURE w/EXTRAS: Both VHS and DVD versions include the 1968 original version and the 2002 remake! THEATRICAL TRAILERS, plus Interview with Misty Mundae & film historian "42nd Street Pete."

Seeing its first-ever release on home video is the 1968 sleaze classic Lustful Addiction (Uncut! Never-before-released!) Transferred from a recently discovered 35mm negative! Directed by sexploitation auteur Nick Phillips (Roxanna, Pleasures of a Woman).

This Uncut Theatrical Version is partnered with the ultra-sexy Retro Seduction Cinema 2002 Remake written & directed by and starring Misty Mundae with Ruby LaRocca and Darian Caine.

Ruby is a hot young waif looking for kicks and raunchy pleasures anywhere she can find them. First it's with Johnny the Pusher, and she uses her tight little body like a knockout punch - exhausting him into unconsciousness with a delirious bout of lovemaking.

With Johnny's stash now easy for the picking, Ruby wanders off to her next adventure clad in a pharmaceuticals-induced haze and thigh-high vinyl boots.

She quickly makes the acquaintance of Misty, and the two of them hit it off in an orgasmic blur of chemical stimulation, lingerie and quivering excitement. But too much is never enough for these luscious young things, and Misty high-tails it in search of another bag of goodies.

Feeling abandonned, Ruby gives a holler to her dealing strip-club friend Darian, and the two of them indulge their habits.

Starring Misty Mundae, Ruby LaRocca, Darian Caine
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