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Muffy The Vampire Slayer

Muffy The Vampire Slayer

Muffy The Vampire Slayer
Muffy The Vampire Slayer

DOUBLE FEATURE: Includes Muffy the Vampire Slayer and Vampire Queen!

Only the sexiest, most delectable call-girls are her victims. She seduces them first, taking their taut, writhing bodies to exhausted heights of pleasure never before experienced.

Then, gasping in ecstasy, they offer themselves to her...forever! For she is Lette, a voluptuous lesbian vampire with an insatiable hunger for drop-dead gorgeous women. But Lette is being hunted down by Kathy, a beautiful undercover policewoman whose ultra-erotic desires are unfulfilled by her husband.

Posing as a call-girl, Kathy quickly discovers that her wildest sensual fantasies can only be satisfied by another woman stroking and caressing her to the point of no return. And it's only a matter of time before she finds herself seduced by the darkly alluring and mysterious Lette who gives her everything she craves.

Yet as their bodies sweat and strain to reach even greater sinful pleasures, Kathy realizes that she is in way too deep...that she might have blown her cover...and that the taste of her new lover is nothing less than pure evil. Will Kathy be able to resist and do her duty, or will she further succumb to the vampire's ravenous nocturnal lust?

In Vampire Queen: Harold is a middle-aged bachelor who is visited by a vampire one night. Ophelia promises erotic fantasies come true for Harold.

Harold accepts, and uses his new undead status to scare up some babes. One problem: each babe he turns longs only for lesbian action.

Frustrated, Harold is once again visited by Ophelia, who reveals the awful truth about Harold's new love life.

Starring Debbie Rochon, Darian Caine, Kelli Summers, Sabrina Sidoti, Danni D'Vine

UnRated contains Nudity and Strong Sexual Content. Recommemded for viewers over 18.

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