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Silk Stocking Strangler

Silk Stocking Strangler

Silk Stocking Strangler
22 year-old Misty Mundae, known for her performances in such Seduction Cinema films as PLAY-MATE OF THE APES and EROTIC SURVIVOR, melts the screen in her most recent Naughty Performance with fellow Sultry Seduction Cinema star Katie Jordon.

Sweet young Jackie (Katie Jordon) was looking for an outlet for her surging lesbian desires and a way out of her oppressive home life when she moved in with the free-spirited and hot-tongued Olivia (Misty Mundae). For Jackie, Olivia was a promise of independence, naughtiness, and around-the-clock satisfaction.

But lust and eroticism quickly become betrayal when this sex-crazed lesbian couple faces eviction from their apartment. To take the landlordís mind off rent money, Olivia engages the naÔve Jackie in a kinky sexual game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, putting her taut, girlish body and her life in grave danger.

As the landlordís fantasies become more bizarre, Jackie begins to fear for their lives. Olivia tries to convince her gullible young lover that there is nothing to fear, yet she cannot possibly imagine the acts of depravity and sadism that truly lurk behind the peeping eyes of the landlord ... and what he has in store for them.

WARNING Contains: Bondage, Asphyxiation, Gunplay, Lesbian Sex, Dildo Play, Smoking, Shoe Worship, Hanging
CODE: A4003
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