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Vampire's Seduction

Vampire's Seduction

Vampire's Seduction
"Dracula's Daughter Has Risen... Unearthly Desires Feed Her Erotic Appetite"

Dracula's Daughter. Cursed to an existence of nocturnal wandering, yet blessed in - Ohhh! - so many other ways. With a voluptuous body to indulge the most sinful pleasures and a luxurious mouth of unquenchable evil desire, she can devour any man alive...yet craves women! The sexiest, most erotic and ravishing LESBIANS that willingly offer every inch of their succulent bodies to her - for eternity. To see their bodies heaving and writhing in unholy ecstasy is to witness the ultimate vampire seduction.

Enter Wally Van Helsing, great-great-grandson of the legendary vampire hunter, Dr. Van Helsing, but himself a spineless loser who has never had a woman. Hunted down by Dracula's daughter and promised a taste of her profane, yet ample, charms, he is seduced into becoming a mindless servant that seeks out delectable women to deliver to her lair. But Wally is side-tracked by his voyeuristic activities, eavesdropping on ultra-arousing lesbian encounters including an intimate schoolgirl menage-a-trois, a psychiatrist living out a torrid fantasy with her female patient, and a wet-n-steamy shower scene with a hot lotion massage. Each time the he is punished by Dracula's daughter, and only after a spectral visitation from his great-great-grandfather does Wally attempt to put an end to her unearthly lust for female flesh and bring honor once more to the Van Helsing name.

Featuring gorgeous women, enticing encounters, and quirky humor, VAMPIRE'S SEDUCTION is an all-out erotic extravaganza that will leave you drained!

Directed by John Bacchus, Starring:
Tina Krause, Debbie Rochon, Misty Mundae
CODE: A117
UNIT: each
PRICE: US$24.95
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