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Cannibal Cheerleader Camp

Cannibal Cheerleader Camp

Cannibal Cheerleader Camp
Something in the woods is growing tired of feeding on animals and is hungry for human flesh. Five girls at a defunct camp must band together and defend themselves from its attacks.

Camp houses up five girls with very diverse personalities and equal bitchiness. You watch and realize just how catty some girls really are. The two Kimís are lovers who just canít seem to get enough of each other and Cindy is the only one that seems to have a brain in her little blond head.

After trading insults the Kimís and gun girl (loved her) talk about how some strippers up the street were cut up real bad from some freak. Do you think they caught him? Should we be worried? The super bad bitch rubs her gun and brags sheíll deliver death to anyone stupid enough to come near them. Deciding to play it safe they all want to keep their guard up for any intruder.

Some things just canít be explained, there isnít always a rational answer to the strange questions that life hands us. As someone picks the girls off one by one suddenly you see the unexplainable. Some how the murdered girl gets up and ravenously chews up delicious flesh. How is this possible? Is there a cure to put these skin starving creatures to rest?

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