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My Vampire Lover

My Vampire Lover

My Vampire Lover
When Monique moves into a quiet suburban neighborhood, life - and death - will never be the same again.

Monique is a modern-day vampire who spends her nights secretly seducing the town's female population, hoping her lustful bite can transform one of them into a worthy and eternal bedmate. Alas, none survive.

Traci, the sexually unfulfilled woman next door, keeps a watchful eye on Monique, unaware of her new neighbor's monstrous identity. Turned on by the vampire's tasty young body and hot erotic charms, Traci's hesitancy to be with a female quickly turns to pleasure-soaked anticipation of torrid lesbian love-making at the hands and mouth of Monique.

But as more women are found drained of their blood, it's up to Chip the cable guy and two detectives to hunt down and destroy the fanged perpetrator…yet how could they possibly imagine that a drop-dead gorgeous creature is responsible for the sinister and sensual mayhem?

Directed by George Freeway, Starring:
Paige Richards, Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Katie Jordon, Syn DeVil, Ruby LaRocca, Allanah Rhodes
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