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Sex and the Single Guy

Sex and the Single Guy

Sex and the Single Guy VHS
Sex and the Single Guy

Sex and the Single Guy w/Christian Zimmerman

Three friends in the same city are on a quest for love. One man's wife cheated on him and he has divorced her but he can't seem to go without companionship. He meets a beautiful ballet dancer and hotly pursues her. Another friend, who owns a restaurant, meets an eccentric but rather lusty lady with tattooed arms. Soon, they are planning their wedding. The third friend, a stand-up comedian, has a bitter image of most women and shuns longterm relationships. Who will be happy when the credits roll? This independent film with no stars is still very worthwhile. Some of the actors are more attractive than others, but all give strong performances. The scenery is not noteworthy except that it shows a nondescript town that could be called Average Joeville. The script is the big attraction here, as it is inventive, humorous, and clever.

Three old college buddies find themselves in for adventures of the best kind when they embark on the quest for romance. Now, is it love, or is this battle of the sexes slated to be just sex and the single guy?

Starring Christian Zimmerman, Michael Dalmon, Tonie Perensky

UnRated contains Nudity and Strong Sexual Content. Recommemded for viewers over 18.

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