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The Apprentice

The Apprentice

The Apprentice
The ultimate assassins have just met their match.

A sexy, nonstop action thriller, THE APPRENTICE follows the dangerous escapade of a courageous young martial artist. This youthful fighter is ambling along in a seemingly dead end existence when he falls in with a band of international assassins. Their mission--to rid the mean streets of dangerous criminals.

Martial artist Tye Cameron is leading a nowhere existence when he is confronted by Benjamin- a cold blooded hitman and leader of an international band of mercenary assassins. Benjamin offers Tye a lucrative future and the chance to wipe the street clean of hard core criminals, drug dealers and murderers. Recruited to be a stone cold killer, Tye quickly proves his skills. But he is haunted by the images of his victims and begins to question his death dealing abilities. And when Tye discovers that an innocent cop is his next target, he rebels against Benjamin and his army of assassins, provoking a wildly explosive, guns blazing showdown that will blow you away.

Starring: Josh Cameron, Edward Symington, Stacy Arnold
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