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Sex, Chocolate and Zombie Republicans

Sex, Chocolate and Zombie Republicans

Sex, Chocolate and Zombie Republicans

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Just when you thought it was safe... They're baaaaaaack!

Email, fax or snail-mail chain letters... anyway you look at them, they suck!- "Send copies to your friends and family or you will have bad luck…" That's exactly what Jessica does, and when they rip up their letters, the terror begins. Decent people begin turning into white-faced, right-wing Zombies. Ala "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", it spreads. There is a Republican BBQ where they burn the classics, instead of burgers.

Cindy's dream comes true, landing the lead in her school play. Then, her right-wing parents burn her script cause it's too risque'. How outrageous are some of the parodies?... Well, read this March 25, 1999 article about high school students who rehearsed Neil Simon's "Brighton Beach Memoirs" for 6 weeks, only to have it cancelled due to "sexual references"- CENSORSHIP AT ITS WORST!

Darlene, Jessica's gorgeous blonde roommate is a model who suddenly breaks out in pimples and gets a shivering addiction to chocolate. Nicole hates nerds, but on the beach, a mushy nerd in a muscle-jacket is licking the sand off her toes...then, every nerd who sees her falls desperately in love with her. Rayna is sick of her boyfriend always falling asleep after they make love, so even guys on at a bus stop fall flat on the sidewalk, sound asleep when she passes by. Darlene's macho boyfriend wails, afflicted with a constant case of PMS.

Cindy's parents send her on a picnic-date in full medieval armor and face-plate to avoid "carnal temptations", and another father reenacts the scene from Marathon Man in full dental garb and tools- "Is it safe?" An unforgettable highlight is Jessica's dream sequence where a mailbox comes to life and chases her down the street.

Luckily, Jessica meets a strange drifter on the beach who offers her an herbal recipe. By the end, Zombies converge on the girls' house where they are making herbal biscuits to stop them save the world from this evil curse. Jessica races against time but she forgot one thing… there is a chilling surprise ending you will not want to miss!

Directed by Kirk Bowman, Starring:
Jenna Faustino, Debby Dodds, Linda Etoh Pine, David Tracq, Denise Reiser, Ken Zust, Elyse Ashton

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