The Video Sink

Welcome to the Video Sink
As a service to visitors to the Video Addicts Hot-Line, with the help of other video addicts, like yourself, the Video Sink is a collective of independent videotapers, video collectors and television addicts that can help you track down some of the rare titles that you are in search of. The wide variety of films represented demonstrate the wide variety of tastes of visitors to the Video Addicts Hot-Line.

Note: This service is offerred by a variety of independent video service providers that are not related to the Video Addicts Hot-Line in any way. We simply provide the referral as a service to our visitors.

Having Trouble Finding A Particular Film? No Problem. Send an email to and we'll put the word out to all the participating members and do our best to get what you're looking for.

How to Order a Video Sink Title
If you have clicked to arrive at this page, the title that you clicked on is currently available from a member of our video taping network.

What to do next.

  1. Hit the back button and note the name of the tape, and the VideoSink number of the tape. You will need these to proceed.
  2. Get an envelope, stamp and a piece of paper. Video Sink titles are only available by mail order at this time (credit card orders coming soon) and can only be shipped to USA-area addresses. Sorry, no out of country deliveries
  3. Address the envelope to:
    The Video Sink, c/o Video Addicts Hot-Line
    P. O. Box 1753
    Aberdeen, WA 98520
  4. On the top of the paper put your name, full address (including street address, or P.O. box, city, state and zip code), and your phone number and email address (just in case)
  5. Below, list the video title(s) that you desire, being certain to have the correct title from the VideoSink listing and the corresponding VideoSink code number.
  6. Determine the price of each videocassette requested. This would be the last numerical designation following the dash (-) at the end of the code, i.e., if the code was 112908-20.00 the cost for that tape would be $20.00 total. No extra charge for shipping.
  7. If more than one tape is requested, total the prices of all tapes and enclose a check or money order. (You should receive your requested tapes within one week using a money order. While checks are welcomed, they may delay your shipment up to three weeks.)
  8. Enclose a check or money order for the total amount, making it payable to: David Masters.
  9. Enclose all the materials, seal the envelope, affix the appropriate postage and mail to the address (listed above).

How It Works

When your order is received by VideoSink, the orders are sent to their respective suppliers and the suppliers are paid from your check or money order.

Each independent videotaper duplicates the requested tape and sends the resulting videocassette copy to you. (So, if you ordered more than one tape, it would not be uncommon for them to arrive at different times, in separate packages.)

The VideoSink network only deals with reputable videotapers, helping to ensure that your requests are handled appropriately and promptly.

Satisfaction is assured through the network. If an undesireable participates within the network, with substandard delivery ratios, that provider will be banned from the network, making certain that we are providing you with only the most reputable folks around.

You can submit your comments, praise, or complaints to, with "Att: Video Sink" in the subject line. Be sure to include the name of the tape and the VideoSink number that you used when placing the order. We will do everything within our power to provide you with complete satisfaction.

Although the network is rather large, please keep in mind that the originals are in varying conditions. We only warrant that they are watchable. No warranties are made as to the videosonic quality of the videotaped results. We will only refer your order to the best videotaper in the network, with the best copy at the time your request is made.

All videotapers in the networkd only maintain the following quality standards: SP speed (unless specified otherwise) copies on 4-head well-maintained machines (or better) on namebrand tape. (Note that this does not warrant the condition of the original.)

The resulting copies that you receive are not for archival, private or public viewing. No rights are implied or given and the resulting copies are considered to be disposable.

Coupon Specials

There are a few VideoSink members who are participating in the Coupon Special, where you can save $ on some titiles, i.e., Avengers, Batman, Charlie's Angels, Combat!, Cop Rock, Green Hornet, Knight Rider, 21 Jump Street. Keep watching this section for updates.

Want To Join the Network?

We are always on the lookout for responsible videotapers to join our network. If you have a private library of videotapes that you would like us to consider sharing with other VideoSink networkers, Click Here for more information on how you can join the network.


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