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  1. SpiderBabe
  2. Dinosaur Valley Girls
  3. Dungeon of Desire
  4. Robotrix
  5. Playmate of the Apes
  6. Lord of the Strings
  7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  8. Hot Vampire Nights
  9. Erotic Witch Project
  10. Chosen One: Legend of the Raven
  11. Inn of 100 Sins
  12. Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
  13. Scrapbook
  14. Erotic Survivor
  15. Vamps Deadly Dreamgirl
  16. Psycho Sisters
  17. Candy
  18. Midnight Madness
  19. In The Flesh
  20. Lethal Seduction

The Video Addicts Hot-Line

Special Offer by Invitation Only

       Get In On The Excitement      

Do Not Click Here - This Offer for Serious Video Addicts Only!


Video Addicts is at it again. We're teaming up with some folks who are going to take the video taping underground by storm... and you're invited to come along...

Be forewarned that this is not necessarily going to be painless, to participate, but will mean being part of a huge videotaping network.
Who can participate? Reputable video-tapers (you know who you are)... You work hard to get people the product that you've busted your butt to get your hands on, and you do your best to give your clients the best possible copy.
You use brand-name tape and 4-head VCRs (at least) and have an impressive collection of TV shows or VHS program material unavailable elsewhere.

All that said, now you're asking, "How can I play?"
Okay, you must submit the following:

  1. Your contact information
  2. An electronic list that can be saved to a floppy or CD ROM (any format is okay)
  3. A test videotape, that is a presentation of your "average" (not best, or worst) - you choose the content
  4. What you charge for copies made
  5. How you normally ship and what you charge for packaging and shipping
  6. A written statement that warantees that you will provide quick turnaround to our special clients

Send to:

Video Addicts Hotline Project
P. O. Box 1753
Aberdeen, WA
Sounds vague, yet intriguing, right? Be forwarned that I cannot divulge the sensitive nature of this project, but because you are a good videotaper/trader and have a good reputation here... you can participate in this project, but you must submit your materials ASAP.
Participation is limited and by invitation only. Don't miss this opportunity.
Looking forward to receiving a package from you, soon.


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