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Psycho Sisters Psycho Sisters(1998)
Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls(1996) 
Erotic Survivor Erotic Survivor(2001) 
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The Movie List:Underground Hits!
1. Addicted to Murder  
2. Alien Agenda: Out of the Darkness
3. Blood Kiss  
4. Curvaceous Corpses  
5. Cyberotica  
6. Dark Romances Vol. 1  
7. Dinosaur Valley Girls  
8. Erotic Witch Project  
9. Evil Ambitions  
10. Girls Town  
11. Hot Vampire Nights
12. Mistress Frankenstein
13. Rage of the Werewolf  
14. Revenge of Mr. Willie  
15. Scrapbook  
16. Skinned Alive  
17. Vampire's Curse  
18. Vampire's Seduction  
19. Vampyre
20. Vicious Sweet
Video Vixen: For Adults Only
1. Dinner Party  
2. Seven Spiritual Laws
3. Roommates  
4. Las Putas de New York  
5. Kinky Casting Couch  
6. Amateur Home Movies  
7. Daughters of Darkness  
8. Vampire Strangler  
9. Girls Next Door  
10. Vampire Trilogy  
11. Naughty By Night
12. Lesbos Slaughter
13. Unnatural Act  
14. Elements of Desire  
15. Black Satin Nights  
16. Kinky Business  
17. Inmates Revenge  
18. Surprise Party  
19. Kiss of the Vampire  
20. Psycho Cat  
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