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  19. In The Flesh
  20. Lethal Seduction

Custom DVDs

  Convert your deteriorating VHS videocassettes to digital, long-life DVD

       Transfer your 8mm tapes      

Do Not Click Here - This Offer for Serious Video Addicts Only!


Were proud to announce that videoaddicts can now make custom DVDs from your favorite videotape. A great way to preserve those VHS tapes that are deteriorating over time.

This site is dedicated to all lovers of all things video the world over and every attempt has been made to provide you with the tools necessary to help fellow video addicts.
-Sincerely, Dave

Videotapes don't last forever, even if they're simply stored away and not played. Images and sound on videotapes deteriorate over time due to stray magnetic fields, plus wear and tear from playing. Even changes in temperature and humidity can cause physical damage. Your irreplaceable videos can become unplayable in 10-15 years.

Preserve your VHS videotapes before they deteriorate completely. Converting your video tapes to DVD is better done sooner than later, because as that old videotape sits on the shelf, it is deteriorating - even if it is rarely watched.

DVDs, on the other hand, have a lifespan of 100 years. And because video is stored digitally on a DVD it can be reproduced without a loss of quality in sound or images. By converting your videos to DVD, you can preserve them for yourself and future generations.

We, at, offer 2 packages for you to choose from:

Standard Transfer
 Standard transfer of your VHS videocassette includes up to 2 hours from your original videocassette to DVD with no editing, straight through. The cost of Standard Transfer is $25.00 + $7.00 return shipping & handling.

Deluxe Transfer
 Deluxe Transfer of your VHS program includes up to 2 hours and up to four chapters. For example: If you had 4 different 30 minute programs that you would like transferred to a single DVD, the four programs would be assigned separate chapters for play. Each chapter can be either from the same VHS videocassette, or from up to four different videocassettes (note: there is an extra charge of $2.00 for each additional videocassette that you send). Deluxe Transfer cost: $35.00 (does not include $2.00 charge for additional videos sent) + $7.00 return shipping & handling.

So How Do I get Started?

It's easy...

Select the videotape that you want to transfer and ship it to
David Masters
P.O. Box 1753
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Make certain to include:
 1. Your original VHS videocassette(s)
 2. A check or money order, payable to: David Masters in the appropriate amount. (note: checks may delay processing up to one week)
 3. Any special instructions, i.e., the Title of the DVD that you would like to appear on-screen, and the names of the Chapters if ordering Deluxe Transfer.
 4. Your return address (make certain it is neatly printed or typed).

By submitting your VHS videocassette, you are agreeing to our Custom CD Terms of Service.

Transfer your 8mm tapes to DVD

NEW - we have just expanded our service to include transfer from your 8mm videotapes. Same great service, same great prices. See prices, packages and handling as above. See above for more information.

Note: All original tapes returned with your order.

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