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  9. Erotic Witch Project
  10. Chosen One: Legend of the Raven
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  12. Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
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Actors and Actresses

Ever wonder what films your favorite actor or actress was in?

       Actors and Actresses      

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The Films of Victor Mature

What happens when someone asks me, "What films did Victor Mature star in and who were his co-stars?"

The answer goes something like this:


  • After the Fox (66)
    To conceal a daring gold robbery, a con artist poses as a pompous film director shooting a movie in a small Italian village. Comedy written by Neil Simon.
    • Peter Sellers
    • Britt Ekland
    • Martin Balsam

  • The Americanization of Emily
    Set in WWII London, Garner is a cynical American naval officer who clashes with Andrews' upright British driver. Eventually she falls for his charms and, much to everyone's surprise, Garner unwittingly becomes a hero at Normandy on D-Day.
    • James Garner
    • Julie Andrews

  • Androcles and The Lion (52)
    Gabriel Pascal's production of Shaw's sparkling play about a simple tailor in Imperial Rome who saves his fellow Christians from a hungry lion he once befriended.
    • Jean Simmons
    • Alan Young
    • Robert Newton
    • Elsa Lanchester

  • Betrayed (54)
    A suspense-filled saga of spies and counterspies in Nazi-occupied Holland.
    • Lana Turner
    • Louis Calhern
    • Clark Gable
    • Wilfrid Hyde-White

  • Demetrius and the Gladiators (54)
    The stunning sequel to "The Robe!" It's an all-star action epic, featuring Victor Mature as the Christian who loses his faith and enters the gladiators' arena! Impressive costumes, sets and gladiator battle scenes.
    • Susan Hayward
    • Michael Rennie
    • Richard Egan
    • Anne Bancroft
    • Ernest Borgnine

  • Easy Living (49)
    Lucy helps a fading professional football player regain his self-respect and mend his relationship with his disagreeable wife -- even though Lucy is in love with him.
    • Lucille Ball

  • The Egyptian (54)
    A sweeping, star-packed saga set in ancient Egypt at the dawn of monotheism. Two life-long friends and rivals rise from poverty to power. Great historical action!
    • Edmund Purdom
    • Peter Ustinov
    • Bella Darvi
    • Gene Tierney
    • Michael Wilding

  • Footlight Serenade (42)
    A champion heavyweight fighter takes a role in a Broadway show and makes a play for one of the dancers who, for career reasons, does not want it known she is married. Her husband is also an actor in the show and finds it increasingly difficult to watch the lady-killer champ going after his wife.
    • Betty Grable
    • John Payne
    • Phil Silvers
    • Jane Wyman

  • I Wake Up Screaming (41)
    A beautiful young girl is murdered and the chief suspect is the promoter working to make her a star. The girl's sister demands action from the police. A seemingly helpful yet menacing detective promises to "get" the murderer. Grable falls in love with the man suspected of killing her sister in this mystery.
    • Betty Grable
    • Carole Landis
    • Alan Mowbray

  • Kiss of Death (47)
    This is one of Hollywood's greatest crime melodramas featuring Mature as a crook trying to go straight and Widmark's stunning screen debut as a psychopathic killer.
    • Richard Widmark
    • Karl Malden

  • Million Dollar Mermaid (52)
    Williams plays Annette Kellerman, the swimming champion who created a scandal by introducing the one-piece swimsuit to America. Williams wears a bathing suit made of gold net with semi-precious stones woven in. It was so glittery that special lighting was needed to photograph it under water.
    • Esther Williams
    • Walter Pidgeon

  • Mouchette (66)
    The story of a young girl living in an isolated rural community who is abandoned by her incompetent parents and left to fend for herself. Bathetic fare from New Wave moralist Bresson.
    • Henry Winkler
    • Richard Burton
    • Charlton Heston
    • Edward G. Robinson
    • Yul Brynner
    • John Ritter
    • Jean Simmons

  • My Darling Clementine (46)
    This classic western, one of John Ford's best, is set in the rugged town of Tombstone, Arizona during the 1880's. Sheriff Wyatt Earp sets out to clean up the town, and after much violence, succeeds in doing so. Mature gives one of his best performances as Doc Holiday. Don't miss the famous shoot-out at the O.K. Corral.
    • Henry Fonda
    • Linda Darnell
    • Walter Brennan

  • No, No Nanette (40)
    The Broadway musical comes to the screen featuring Carlson as the financially strapped uncle propped up by his adoring niece Nanette.
    • Louie Platt
    • Leo Carrillo
    • Richard Carlson
    • ZaSu Pitts
    • Anna Neagle
    • Eve Arden

  • One Million B.C. (40)
    Primitive cavemen battle dinosaurs and other monsters. Good special effects for the time. Academy Award Nominations: Best Original Score, Best Special Effects.
    • Carole Landis
    • Lon Chaney Jr.
    • Mamo Clark
    • Conrad Nagel
    • John Hubbard

  • The Robe (53)
    Biblical epic of Roman centurian's conversion to Christianity. Simmons is lovely and Mature's character spawned the sequel, Demetrios and the Gladiators. First film shot in CinemaScope.
    • Richard Burton
    • Jean Simmons
    • Michael Rennie
    • Dawn Addams

  • Samson and Delilah (49)
    Cecil B. DeMille's Biblical, Technicolor epic of love and treachery depicting Samson's loss of strength after devious Delilah gives him an unauthorized, new hair-doo. Mature and Lamarr play the title roles.
    • Hedy Lamarr
    • Angela Lansbury
    • Russ Tamblyn
    • George Reeves

  • Savage Wilderness (1955)
    A fur trapper tries to stop a psychotic Army colonel from walking into an Indian ambush. Also known as "The Last Frontier."
    • Anne Bancroft
    • Guy Madison
    • Robert Preston
    • James Whitmore

  • Seven Days' Leave (42)
    You'll love Lucy as a rich socialite pursued by Mature who must marry into a rich family in order to collect his inheritance. The catch is, Lucy is already engaged in this musical comedy.
    • Lucille Ball
    • Arnold Stang
    • Ginny Simms

  • The Shanghai Gesture (41)
    Set in a Chinese opium brothel, an emotional battle is waged between a western hypocrite and an Eastern pleasure queen. Gene Tierney at her best. Based on John Colton's 1920's play.
    • Gene Tierney
    • Ona Munson
    • Walter Huston

  • Song of the Islands (42)
    A romantic musical comedy set on a lush Hawaiian isle where love is in the air and everyone's heart beats a little faster, but something always tries to defeat true love. An Irish planter is involved in a feud with a cattle baron over a stretch of beach. The baron's son returns from the states and falls in love with the planter's daughter. Of course the feuding parents object and try to keep the young lovers apart.
    • Betty Grable
    • Thomas Mitchell
    • George Barbier

  • The Tartars (60)
    Victor Mature is Oleg the Viking chieftain and Orson Welles is Tartar leader Burundai in a Technicolor epic shot in Yugaslavia. An MGM release.
    • Orson Welles
    • Folco Lulli
    • Bella Cortez
    • Liana Orfei

Notable Extraneous Performance

  • Head (68)
    The only movie that featured The Monkees after their Help-inspired TV show was cancelled by NBC.
    • The band, The Monkees, are seend dancing on Victor Mature's head as animated dandruff.

Okay, so it's not complete by any means, but where else you gonna find this kind'a stuff?


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