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  1. SpiderBabe
  2. Dinosaur Valley Girls
  3. Dungeon of Desire
  4. Robotrix
  5. Playmate of the Apes
  6. Lord of the Strings
  7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  8. Hot Vampire Nights
  9. Erotic Witch Project
  10. Chosen One: Legend of the Raven
  11. Inn of 100 Sins
  12. Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
  13. Scrapbook
  14. Erotic Survivor
  15. Vamps Deadly Dreamgirl
  16. Psycho Sisters
  17. Candy
  18. Midnight Madness
  19. In The Flesh
  20. Lethal Seduction


Video Addicts Hot-Line

This page is dedicated to one unscrupulous vendor

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If you've been wronged by a video distributor via the internet, or outright scammed by sending money for a video that you've never received, finally there is a place that you can report to, so that others can be aware of the dadstardly distributors.

The internet has a history of scam artists and fly-by-night operations. In an attempt to make the net a safer place to trade videotapes, this message board has been created, so that victims may place their displeasures safely and conveniently. Other newcomer video addicts may freely view the postings here, to be further aware of exercising caution with certain vendors.

Moviesaver.con I call it. I got conned myself as well as many other honest companies such as NBC, microsoft,, warner bros. I worked for brief time with an individual named aji and he stuck me for over $7,000 for web services. He disappeared, changed his phone numbers, addresses, etc. I have been unable to track him down.
Submitted by Craig Saltonstall
In november of 1999, i ordered 3 video tapes from for my four year old for x-mas. Spiderman movies were the only thing my poor child asked for. It was only 15 or 16 dollars that i paid, but that was not the point.
I called and spoke to them several times, each time i was given the run around. First they were back ordered, then they were in the mail, then they were back ordered again. It was just one lie after another. Finally after several more attempts, their website just conveniently disappeared.
I sent one very to the point e-mail stating that after several months the money was no longer an issue with me. What was an issue was the fact that it was my very first time ordering online, and because of them i will never do that again. Lets not mention the fact that they took away the only thing that my little boy wanted from santa.( i never could find any spiderman movies) I let them know real quick that they could screw with me, but that i would be damned if i would let them get away with messing with my child.
Of course they never replied. (like i really expected them to!) It is now august of 2000.
PLEASE...........donot order from these people, and make sure you thouroughly investigate any online dealer before you make a purchase. i wish i had...............
Thanks for this website,
Submitted by Lisa M. Holmes now
The scammers are right on schedule! They've changed their name yet again, and can now be found at
First they were (which has since been re-registered by someone else), then they were, then the moved on to the scam which I got snagged on, (I ordered a movie and my card was charged in November. It is now the end of February and am still waiting, but am no longer holding my breath.) Their latest incarnation,, is their fourth web site in two years.
In January I had poked around on their server as their phone # was disconnected and I wanted to see if I could find a way to contact them. Within 30 seconds I had found their entire customer list which ws totally exposed and available to anyone via anonymous FTP.
The file contained 10,000 credit card numbers, expiration dates, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc., I immediately contacted American Express, Visa, and Discover, and within a day had closed the security hole.
The customer files show dozens of records indicating customers who had called in to demand refunds as they were double- and triple-billed.
Both the Attorney General of MA and the BBB of Boston area have numerous complaints recorded for each of these first three web sites.
MSN Shopping recently dropped them as a featured merchant, and today dropped them from their list of merchants. Yahoo! Stores still features them, however, even after I filed two complaints with them detailing how Yahoo! is helping the scam proliferate.
Thanks for letting me vent.
Submitted by Stephen Gornick
I was ripped out of $30 when I sent away to Video Premiere for a Prism copy of "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster." After finding their number has changed, I contacted BBBoston. This was in August. I haven't seen ANYTHING from them yet.
Luckily, I found some honest companies and got a copy of the movie from Creepy Classics, which is one of the best services out there. :)
Submitted by Nick Zbu
I am complaining about one company that uses various names:,,,,
Ordered one movie in 12/98, got charged 3 times for it, never received the movie or my refund. My credit card company only removed one charge--I ended up paying the rest. Later I discovered that the movie I had ordered was out of print, yet it's still advertised today. Despite various e-mails, phone calls, and letters, no-one from the company responded to me. If you're a new victim, immediately call & write to your credit card company & dispute the charges-you only have a limited time to dispute the charges. Trust me, don't bother to wait for this company to respond to your requests or to ship your order or to send you a refund-it WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!. Cancel your credit card number & get issued a new one. If enough people report this scam to the right places, then law enforcement will have no choice but to investigate-usually they wait to see if big bucks are involved. Keep all documentation. Here's where you should report your negative experience with this company:
  • your credit card company
  • FTC at (online complaint form) Please complain here!!
  • (online complaint form). Please complain here!!
  • BBB of Boston hasn't worked for me at all, but they also have an online complaint form at
  • Attorney General's Office in Massachusetts at You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the complaint form. You can download Adobe free at OR
Websites used by this "company" DADA Corp or Abel Dada or E-commerce Solutions: "Video Shoppers"-no longer online "DVD Shoppers"-no longer online "Video Premiere, Corp"-changed to ShoppersHand "Shoppers Hand"-in business, ready to scam! "Movie Saver & MovieSaver,Inc"-in business, ready to scam!!
All websites currently list addresses in the Boston, MA area.
When you visit online store directories/e-commerce advertisements, such as those listed at, search for these company names and websites, and if they are listed, please e-mail the online store directory & let them know your experience & request that they REMOVE any of these names from their store listings. Tell them to refer to the Better Business Bureau's company reports in Boston and Atlanta. This will prevent others from becoming victims of this fraud.
Good luck!!
Submitted by
I never received a (DVD) movie nor a reply from moviesaver and could not get anyone to answer the 1-800 number. 3 e-mails were sent which they ignored. Avoid them like the plague.A big mistake on my part to pre-pay.
Submitted by Robert Wilson
In August, 1999 I ordered videos from They charged my account but never sent the videos. What is more, the next month (this month's statement) the $97.20 charge was repeated on my card. Those !*%($#% ^&?!!   should realize that one might not notice a duplicated charge, except for when nothing is received. Citibank labelled my first complaint "goods not received" and my second complaint "unauthorized charge". I'd label both "theft." Count me out from future Internet ordering.
Submitted by Mark Nigrini
I ordered a video from a company that trades under 3 names -, and The video was supposed to ship in 24 hours, when my order still hadn't been processed after several weeks I cancelled it but money was taken from my account and they wouldn't respond to any emails. That was 4 months ago - I still haven't received either a video or a refund and this morning I found on my statement that they have helped themselves to another payment for over $100.00 for an additional order which I never placed.
This has really put me off buying anything over the Internet except from reputable companies like Amazon who were absolutely brilliant when I contacted their customer services dept with a problem.
Submitted by


If you have been taken advantage of anyone who trades, sells and/or distributes videos via the internet, Click Here to Post Your Complaint so that other honest video addicts can be aware of those who may not be so honest.
Thank you.

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