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10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU - Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles - 1999
10 Things I Hate About You - based on The Taming of the Shrew - has the wide appeal to be a big succes and the quirkiness to prove a cultish hit too.
100 RIFLES - Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch, Jim Brown - 1969
Reynolds as a charm-boy half-breed robs a bank and hightails it to Mexico. Brown's love scene with Welch cosidered contoversial at release.
1941 - Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi - 1979
Gargantuan comedy from the bigger-is-funnier school of filmmaking. Some excellent vignettes and dazzling special effects in freewheeling story of war panic in L. A. following Pearl Harbor attack. Written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, Directed by Steven Spielberg.
20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA - Kirk Douglas, James Mason - 1954
Members of a 19th-century sea-monster expedition are saved by the captain of a nuclear submarine in this Oscar-winner.
2010 - Roy Scheider, John Lithgow - 1984
Despite political tensions, US and Soviet scientists launch an investigation into the fate of a failed space voyage.
30 YEARS OF ANDY: A MAYBERRY REUNION - Andy Griffith, Don Knotts - 1995
Mayberry's greatest moments are presented thru a reunion of cast members, clips and classic episodes.
48 HRS. - Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy - 1982
A maverick police detective teams with a temporarily released convict to find the fugitives who murdered his partner.
4D MAN - Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether - 1959
Frightening after effects plague a physicist whose experiments have given them the ability to pass through walls.
5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T, THE - Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, George Chakiris - 1953
Dr. Seuss tale of aboy's nightmare about his dreaded piano teacher who forces boys to practice 'til they drop.
52 PICK-UP - Ann-Margret, Roy Scheider - 1986
An affair with an exotic dancer and subsequent blackmail demands threaten the marriage of a businessman and his wife.
Clay animation by Bill Maylone - This clay-animated short plots out prehistoric life surrounding subtropical swamps. T-Rex rules as they all battle for survival.
976 EVIL - Stephen Geoffreys, Sandy Dennis, Jim Metzler, Patrick O'Bryan - 1988
A nerd, jealous of his cousin, who lives with his aunt, a religious nut, calls a phone number and obtains supernatural revenge powers.


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