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T BONE N WEASEL - Gregory Hines, Christopher Lloyd, Ned Beatty - 1992
The uhill battle of two inept criminals try to scam some not-s-naive smalltown folks.
TAE-BO WORKOUT - 4 PACK - Billy Blanks - 1999
A mixture of boxing punches and martial arts kicks, Tae-Bo is fun and easy.
TAFFIN - Pierce Brosnan, Ray McAnally - 198
An Irishman employs some unusual tactics to combat the proposed construction of a dangerous chemical plant in his town.
TAINTED - Greg James, Caryn Hottle, Sean Farley, Stephany Slongo - 1998
Slacker meets sucker in Tainted, a contemporary take on the classic vampire myth that will make your skin crawl and your sides split! ...Smart snappy and funny. Any horror fan who values wit and attitude...should give it a look.
TAINTED BLOOD - Raquel Welch, Joan Van Ark, Kerri Green, Natasha Wagner - 1993
A well-known writer and investigative reporter in search of the twin of a teen psychotic killer.
TAKEN AWAY - Valerie Bertinelli, Kevin Dunn - 1989
A single mother finds herself facing an uphill battle when the authorities accuse her of being an unfit parent.
TAKIN' IT OFF - Kiten Natividad, Angelique Pettyjohn, Becky LeBeau, Ashley St. John - 1984
Kitten Natividad stars as "Betty Bigones" in a sex comedy that resembles a nudie from the 60s.
TAKING OF FLIGHT 847, THE - Lindsay Wagner, Eli Danker - 1988
A fact-based account of the flight attendant's efforts to save the lives of passengers taken hostage by terrorists. (aka "The Flight")
TALE OF A VAMPIRE - Julian Sands, Suzanna Hamilton, Kenneth Cranham - 1993
Alex, a modern-day junkie-like vampire in London, thinks a librarian is the reincarnation of his 18th-century lover.
TALES FROM THE CRYPT (CABLE) A - Mimi Rogers, Kathy Ireland - 1994
A beauty contestant's murderous ways catch up with her. Mimi Rogers and Kathy Ireland star.
TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS - Ben Gazzara, Ornella Muti, Susan Tyrrell - 1982
Based on stories by Charles Bukowski, a poet boozes endlessly and meets the oddest assortment of women.
TALES OF TERROR - Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Debra Paget - 1962
A trio of Poe horror tales, directed by Roger Corman.
TALL, DARK AND DEADLY - Kim Delaney, Jack Scalia - 1995
A psychopath takes steps to ensure that the woman who spurned him regrets her decision to leave him.
TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR - Debbie Reynolds, Leslie Nielsen - 1957
A naive backwoods girl discovers a man whose plane has crashed and nurses him back to health.
TAMMY AND THE DOCTOR - Sandra Dee, Peter Fonda - 1963
Tammy attracts the attention of a young intern and almost ruins the romance of a doctor and an older nurse.
TAMMY TELL ME TRUE - Sandra Dee, John Gavin - 1961
A backwoods girl has her heart set on getting a college education.
TAP - Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr. - 1989
Old-fashioned story about an ex-con who dances between being a theif and a hoofer.
TAPEHEADS - John Cusack, Tim Robbins,Executive Producer Michael Nesmith - 1988
Two security guards will stop at nothing to make it big in the video industry then end up on a politician's hit-list in this music comedy.
TARZAN AND THE MERMAIDS - Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Linda Christian - 1948
The ape-man must save his native friends enslaved by ruthless pearl thieves posing as jungle gods.
TEACHERS - Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams - 1984
A lawsuit against a school for graduating an illiterate student spurs a burned-out instructor to search for his lost ideals.
TED AND VENUS - Bud Cort, Jim Brolin, Carol Kane, Timothy Leary - 1992
A mentally unstable poet begins a relentless and ultimately disastrous campaign to win the woman of his dreams.
TEEN-AGE ZOMBIES - Katherine Victor - 1957
A deranged scientist on a mysterious island is plotting to turn all of America into mindless zombies.
TEENAGE CATGIRLS IN HEAT - Gary Graves, Carrie Vanston, David Cox, Esmeralda Huffhines - 1997
A feline-good movie with nine naughty lives, a litter of hot kitties and a cat-aclysmic climanx. Four stars. Check it out!
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II - Paige Turco, David Warner - 1991
Discover "The Secret of the Ooze" as the mutant foursome go after the glowing cannister that has fallen into the hands of the evil Shredder.
TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE - David Love, Dawn Anderson, Harvey B. Dunn, Bryant Grant - 1959
A teenage alien rebel falls in love with an Earth girl, and after learning about Earth, tries to help stop the alien invasion.
TEKWAR: THE ORIGINAL MOVIE - Greg Evigan, William Shatner, Sheena Easton - 1994
A futuristic cop is taken out of his cryogenic freeze in 2044 to stop the flow of a dangerous virtual-reality drug called "Tek."
TEMPERED STEELE - Pierce Brosnan, Stephanie Zimbalist - 1982
In the pilot for Remington Steele, Laura and Remington become involed in industrial espionage when they are hired to install a burglar system.
TEMPTATIONS, THE - Christian Payton - 1998
This two-and-a-half-hour docudrama touches on the personal tragedies of Motown's most successful group, the Temptations.
TEMPTATIONS LIVE IN CONCERT, THE - Melvin Franklin, Otis Williams, Richard Street - 1983
Out of all the combinations of Temptations performers put together over the years this is one of the best. This video also features a short interview with the group.
TENDER FLESH - Analía Ivars, Amber Newman, Monique Parent, Lina Romay - 1997
Jess Franco's sexiest film in a career that has spanned over 40 years, puts a sumptuously seductive and ultra-erotic twist on the timeless horror/thriller The Most Dangerous Game.
TENNESSEE'S PARTNER - John Payne, Ronald Reagan - 1955
A gambling queen, a gambler and a cowpoke become involved in betrayal and murder.
TENTACLES - Henry Fonda, Shelley Winters - 1977
A huge octopus, engaged by the undersea activities of an oceanographer goes on a rampage near a California community.
TEQUILA SUNRISE - Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer - 1988
A federal agent insists that an L.A. detective use his friendship with a former drug dealer to trap a Colombian smuggler.
TERMS OF ENDEARMENT - Debra Winger, Shirley MacLaine - 1983
An Oscar-winning chronicle of 30 years in the often turbulent relationship between a mother and a daughter. Based on Larry McMurtry's novel.
TERROR AMONG US - Kim Lankford, Jennifer Salt, Ted Shackelford, Don Meredith, Tracy Reed - 1981
A convicted rapist freed on parole threatens the lives of five young women.
TERROR AT LONDON BRIDGE - David Hasselhoff, Adrienne Barbeau, Rose Marie, Lindsay Bloom - 1985
The spirit of Jack the Ripper follows the London Bridge to Arizona and kills again.
TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE - Barbara Steele, Walter Brandi - 1965
An occultist is murdered by his wife, he returns from the grave for revenge, bringing with him an army of plague-ridden zombies.
TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA - Katsuhiko Sasaki, Tomoke Ai - 1977
Godzilla lumbers to the rescue when the dreaded Mechagodzilla emerges from the sea once again.
TERROR THE - Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson - 1963
A soldier meets a embittered Baron and an old witch who are vying for the soul of a mysterious girl who may be a ghost or a shape-shifter.
TEST TUBE TEENS FROM THE YEAR 2000 - Morgan Fairchild, Ian Abercrombie - 1993
Libidinous teens must travel back in time to fulfill their desires when sex is strictly prohibited in the future. (Comedy)
THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY - Donna Summer - 1978
The events of one night at a Los Angeles disco where an aspiring singer gets her big break.
THAT CERTAIN SUMMER - Hal Holbrook, Martin Sheen, Marlyn Mason - 1972
A divorced homosexual must tell his 13-year-old son about himself.
THEATRE OF BLOOD - Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Robert Morley - 1973
An actor takes revenge on critics who gave him bad reviews, murdering them in ways inspired by Shakespeare's plays.
THIEF OF HEARTS - Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams - 1984
Steamy suspenser about a handsome burglar who lifts a fantasy-filled diary and steals into its author's life.
THEY CALL ME MACHO WOMAN - Debra Sweaney, Sean P. Donahue, Brian Oldfield - 1989
A once sweet working girl from the city is pushed to her limits and becomes a fearsome female warrior. Born to shop, she learns to kill.
THEY CALL ME MR. TIBBS! - Sidney Poitier, Marin Landau - 1970
A police lieutenant is torn between his duty and concern for a friend seen leaving the scene of a crime.
THEY LIVE - Roddy Piper, Meg Foster - 1988
A rough-and-tumble drifter stumbles across an alien plot to infiltrate and control mankind.
THIEF WHO CAME TO DINNER, THE - Ryan O'Neal, Jacqueline Bisset - 1973
A computer genius uses the skills of his profession to enhance his nighttime activities as a sophisticated jewel thief.
THIN ICE - Kate Jackson, Gerard Prendergast - 1981
A popular high-school teacher falls in love with one of her students.
THING CALLED LOVE, THE - River Phoenix, Sandra Bullock, Samantha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney - 1994
Phoenix (in his last role) plays one of a quartet of young country performers seeking fame in Nashville.
THING, THE - Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan - 1951
Howard Hawks' harrowing account of an alien invader's rampage at an artic research station. Colorized.
THINGS TO COME - Raymond Massey, Ralph Richardson - 1936
William Cameron Menzies' adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel about mankind's efforts to rebuild their war-torn planet.
THIRD GIRL FROM THE LEFT, THE - Kim Novak, Tony Curtis - 1973
An aging chorus girl comes to the realization that in today's youth-oriented society she is past it.
THIS CHILD IS MINE - Lindsay Wagner, Nancy McKeon - 1985
A mother must endure an emotional struggle during a court battle with adoptive parents over the custody of her baby.
THIS GUN FOR HIRE - Robert Wagner, Nancy Everhard - 1991
A kidnapped stripper helps an assassin escape from the New Orleans police and topple a double-crossing steel mogul.
THIS IS MY FATHER - James Caan, Aidan Quinn, Jacob Tierney - 1998
Burned-out Chicago schoolteacher travels to his ancestral home in Ireland, with his teenage nephew in tow, to unlock the mystery of his father's identity.
THIS IS SPINAL TAP - Rob Reiner, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest - 1984
Rocumentary follows the tribulations of a once-popular English band and mocks every rock 'n' roll cliché in the process.
THIS WIFE FOR HIRE - Pam Dawber, Robert Klein - 1985
A married woman's decision to hire herself out as a surrogate wife prompts a slew of domestic and business complications.
THOMAS AND THE MAGIC RAILROAD - Alec Baldwin, Peter Fonda, Mara Wilson - 2000
Mr. Conductor's supply of magic gold dust, which allows him to travel between Shining Time and Thomas's island, is critically low. Getting more gold dust will require help from Mr. C's slacker cousin, his new friend Lilly, and her morose grandfather, plus the secret engine he's hidden all these years and couldn't get running.
THOSE REDHEADS FROM SEATTLE - Rhonda Fleming, Gene Barry - 1953
A woman and her four daughters travel to Alaska during the days of the Gold Rush.
THREE OF HEARTS - William Baldwin, Kelly Lynch - 1993
A lesbian hires an unsuspecting male escort in an attempt to win back the affections of her lover.
THRESHOLD - Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum - 1982
A heat surgeon creates a controversy by implanting an experimental mechanical heart in a female patient.
THUNDERBIRDS 6 - Voices of Peter Dyneley, Christine Finn - 1968
Puppet animation highlights this tale of an attempt to save Lady Penelope from skyjackers. Based on the "Thunderbirds" TV series.
A 21st-century astronaut and his sons hunt for the saboteur plotting against a proposed flight to Mars in this puppet adventure.
THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT - Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges - 1974
Bank robbers attempt to rob the same bank when they can't find the money that they stole from it the first time.
THX 1138 - Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasence, Don Pedro Colley - 1971
George Lucas' first film is set in a grim future of unerground cities where everyone and everything is controlled by computers. Two lovers unite to challenge the machine masters.
TICKS - Rosalind Allen, Ami Dolenz - 1994
Teen-age campers and their chaperones encounter a horde of bloodthirsty mutated ticks.
TIGER CLAWS - Cynthia Rothrock, Jalal Merhi - 1992
Two martial-artist police officers search for a killer whose victims have been clawed to death.
TIGER'S TALE, A - Ann-Margret, C. Thomas Howell - 1987
A hgih-school senior falls in love with his girlfriend's youthful mother.
TIME MACHINE - Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux - 1960
H.G. Wells' time traveler journeys to the future to save mankind from cannibals. Oscar-winning special effects.
TIME RUNNER - Mark Hamill, Rae Dawn Chong - 1992
A futuristic space agent goes back in time to thwart an alien invasion of Earth.
TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD - Todd Mills, Dr. Richard Alpert, Timothy Leary - 1997
Compilation of interviews with Timothy Leary, doctors and followers. You decide.
TIMOTHY LEARY'S LAST TRIP - Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary - 1997
A documentary of the Merry Pranksters evolution through the sixties leading up to the eventual meeting with Timothy Leary.
TIN STAR, THE - Henry Fonda, Anthony Perkins - 1957
A young sheriff enlists the aid of a seasoned bounty hunter to combat the outlaws preying on his town.
TITAN AE - Matt Damon, Bill Pullman - 2000
A young man learns that he has to find a hidden Earth ship before an enemy alien species does in order to secure the survival of humanity.
TO BE OR NOT TO BE - Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft - 1983
A theater group in occupied Warsaw saves itself and the Polish underground from the Nazis by impersonating SS officers.
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD - Tchéky Karyo, Rachel Griffiths, Steve Jacobs - 1997
Two years after his wife's death, the widower falls for an author who resembles his late wife and persuades her to accompany into the jungle where he is haunted by the past.
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - Gregory Peck, Rosemary Murphy - 1962
Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge and his kids against prejudice.
TO SIR, WITH LOVE - Sidney Poitier, Judy Geeson, Lulu, Suzy Kendall - 1967
Poitier portrays a teacher of slum kids in a London high school.
TOM CAT: DANGEROUS DESIRES - Richard Grieco, Natalie Radford - 1993
A scientist helps a sick man by crossing his genetic material with that of a cat, but the side effects are frightening.
TOMB OF LIGEIA, THE - Vincent Price - 1964
Roger Corman's British version of the Gothic Poe tale.
TOMCAT ANGELS - Kerri Danesi, Daphne Rogers, Craig Shoemaker - 1991
Hardbodied babes defend international airspace against a terrorist army of the perverted power elite.
TOMMY - Ann-Margret, Roger Daltrey - 1975
Based on the Who's rock opera about a deaf, mute and blind boy who becomes a modern-day messiah exploited by all.
TOMMYKNOCKERS, THE - Jimmy Smits, John Ashton, Robert Carradine, Joanna Cassidy, Traci Lords, Cliff DeYoung - 1993
A writer discovers a glowing buried monolith in the woods that transforms the townspeople into intelligent zombies with a mission. Stephen King
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - Loni Anderson, Patrick Duffy - 1988
A beautiful bride displays psychotic tendencies as she desperately attempts to monopolize her new husband's attentions.
TOP GUN - Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards - 1986
Romantic military fantasy centering around the blooming affair between cocky young fighter pilot and his sultry teacher.
TOTAL RECALL - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin - 1990
Recurring nightmares of the planet Mars lead a confused earthling into the center of an intergalactic conspiracy.
TOY STORY - Tom Hanks, Tim Allen - 1995
A cowboy toy is profoundly threatened and jealous when a fancy spaceman toy supplants him as top toy in a boy's room.
TOY STORY 2 - Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Kelsey Grammer - 1999
When Woody is stolen by a toy collector, Buzz and his friends vow to rescue him, but Woody finds the idea of immortality in a museum tempting.
TOXIC AVENGER - Andree Maranda, Mitchell Cohen, Jennifer Babtist, Cindy Manion - 1985
He was a 98lb weakling until he was thrown into a barrel of Toxic waste and transformed into a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength.
TRACK OF THE VAMPIRE - William Campbell, Sandra Knight, Patrick Magee - 1966
An beatnik artist becomes possessed by a vampire and preys on models, afterwards painting them and then dipping them in wax.
TRADE WINDS - Fredric March, Joan Bennett, Ralph Bellamy - 1938
A detective suspects a woman of murder and chases her around the world.
TRAIN ROBBERS, THE - John Wayne, Ann-Margret - 1973
A thief's widow hires an ornery gunslinger to recover the fortune in gold that her husband hid before his death.
TRAVELIN' ON: PACIFIC NORTHWEST - travel documentary - 1995
Several hot-spots on highway 101 are reviewed,by this travel team as potential vacation spots. Craggy seasides, rainforests, volcanoes & more.
TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT - Maggie Smith, Alec McCowen, Cindy Williams - 1972
An English banker's boring existence is shattered by the globe-trotting adventure he shares with his eccentric aunt.
TRESPASS - Bill Paxton, Ice T. - 1992
Two treasure hunters become trapped by thugs in and abandoned, inner-city factory.
TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THE - Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno - 1989
The Hulk joins forces with a superhero known as the Daredevil to thwart a hood's plan to become king of the underworld.
TROG - Joan Crawford, Michael Gough - 1970
An anthropologist's study of a primitive sub-human turns tragic when the misunderstood creature escapes.
TROMA'S WAR - Carolyn Beauchamp, Jessica Dublin, Sean Bowen - 1988
Makes Rambo III look like Lassie Come Home!
TROMEO AND JULIET - Jane Jensen, Will Keenan, Debbie Rochon, Wendy Adams - 1996
Body piercing. Kinky sex. Dismemberment. The thing that make Shakespeare great! Music by Motorhead, Sublime and Superchunk. Shakespeare is transformed into a no-holds bard.
TRON - Jeff Bridges, David Warner - 1982
A videogame programmer is trapped in a computer-ized world where survival rests on his mastery of electronic games.
TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Raquel Welch, Jack Thompson - 1989
An elegant American widow and a foulmouthed Australian sailor become mismatched castaways on a lonely tropical island.
TRUE BETRAYAL - Mare Winningham, Peter Gallagher - 1990
A Houston investigator falls in love with the murder suspect from whom she was supposed to get a confession.
TRUTH ABOUT ALEX, THE - Scott Baio, Jessica Steen, Peter Spence - 1986
After School Special: Alex admits to his best friend Brad that he is gay.
TUNE IN TOMORROW - Keanu Reeves, Peter Falk - 1990
A scriptwriter creates chaos when he uses his co-workers' private lives as fodder for his soap opera plotlines.
TURK 182! - Timothy Hutton, Robert Urich, Kim Cattrall - 1985
Hutton crusades to restor the reputation of his injured fireman brother.
TURN OF THE SCREW, THE - Amy Irving, David Hemmings, Balthazar Getty - 1989
Amy Irving stars and narrates this Shelly Duvall Nightmare Classic based on Henry James' ghost novel.
TURNING POINT - Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLaine - 1977
Tale of an aging ballerina and an ex-rival turned-housewife.
TWICE IN A LIFETIME - Gene Hackman, Ann-Margret, Ellen Burstyn, Ally Sheedy, Amy Madigan, Brian Dennehy - 1985
A middle-aged, married man falls for a barmaid and decides to divorce his wife, disrupting the rest of their grown family.
TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE - John Lithgow, Vic Morrow - 1983
Four noted directors contribute episodes to this anthology that captures the spirit of Rod Serling's classic TV series.
TWIST AROUND THE CLOCK - Chubby Checker, Dion - 1961
Chubby Checker, Dion and the Marcels be-bop the night away in this 1961 curio.
TWISTED TALES - Freddie Ganno, Olga Jimenez, Brett Heniss - 1994
Far from the DARKSIDE, away from the ZONE, TWISTED TALES is a cut above the rest.
TWISTER - Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz, Cary Elwes - 1996
Hunt and Paxton are storm-chasing scientists whose facination for tornadoes leads them into the eye of many a storm.
TWO FOR THE ROAD - Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney - 1967
A bickering couple stops to reminisce about their 12 years of marriage and tries to recapture their happiness.
TWO OF US, THE - Michael Simon, Alain Cohen, Luce Fabiole - 1968
French drama about an anti-Semitr who becomes guardian of a young Jewish boy from Paris during WWII.


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