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K-9 - James Belushi, Mel Harris - 1989
An unorthadox narcotics agent who lost one partner too many is forced to team up with a no-nonsense police dog.
KALIFORNIA - Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis - 1993
A writer's fascination with man's homicidal urges prompts the idea for a book and takes him on a tour of murder sites.
KANSAS CITY BOMBER - Raquel Welch, Kevin McCarthy - 1972
A woman faces problems with her teammates and her managers while climbing to the top in the Roller Derby circuit.
KARATE KID PART II - Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita - 1986
The Karate Kid and his mentor return to his home land to see his father and be reunited with his childhood sweetheart, reigniting a bitter feud.
KAREN CARPENTER STORY - Cynthia Gibb, Mitchell Anderson, Louise Fletcher - 1989
Musical film biography of pop singer and her fatal struggle with anorexia and bulimia.
KATHERINE - Art Carney, Sissy Spacek, Henry Winkler - 1975
Interesting study of liberal's pampered daughter and her transformation into underground radical terrorist.
KATIE: PORTRAIT OF A CENTERFOLD - Kim Basinger, Dorothy Malone, Tab Hunter, Fabian, Don Johnson - 1978
Slick look at the descent of an innocent Texas girl into the sleaziness of Hollywood modeldom and her temptation by men's magazine's offer.
KEEPING TRACK - Michael Sarrazin, Margot Kidder - 1987
A TV newsman and a bank executive find their lives endangered after witnessing a murder on a train bound for New York.
KELLY'S HEROES - Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas - 1970
The prospect of netting $16 million behind enemy lines brings out a busted officer's leadership qualities.
KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE - Evan Kim, Master Bong Soo Han - 1977
A collection of no-holds-barred satirical sketches spoofing TV and movie cliches including celebrity cameo appearances.
KENTUCKY WOMAN - Ned Beatty, Cheryl Ladd, Peter Weller - 1983
A woman faces harassment and humiliation when she goes to work as a coal miner to support her small son and ailing dad.
KGB: THE SECRET WAR - Michael Billington, Sally Kellerman, Walter Gotell, Michael Ansara - 1986
A good-hearted KGB agent wants to defect. Kellerman plays the hard-as-nails CIA agent.
KID FROM LEFT FIELD, THE - Dan Dailey, Anne Bancroft - 1953
The son of a down-on-his-luck ballplayer unexpectedly becomes the manager of a struggling baseball team.
KILLDOZER - Clint Walker, Robert Urich, James Wainwright - 1974
Sci-fi yarn about an alien-possessed, killing bulldozer on the loose with substantial special effects and a superb perfomance by Wainwright as "Dutch."
KILL SQUAD - Cameron Mitchell, Jean Glaude, Jeff Risk, Francisco Ramirez - 1982
Six martial-arts-fighting Nam vets of various nationalities battle Dutch and his band of burglars.
KILLER AMONG FRIENDS - Patty Duke, Loretta Swit - 1992
Based on the true story of a jealous teen who murdered her best friend, then moved in with the late girl's family.
KILLER CONDOM - Udo Samel, Peter Lohmeyer, Marc Richter - 1996
Something's invading New York. Something terrifying. Something you've never seen before. H.R. Giger renders an incredible universe for director Martin Walz' explosive action sequences.
KILLER IN EVERY CORNER, A - Patrick Magee, Joanna Pettet - 1974
An insane psychologist invites three of his best students to his country estate for a weekend of murder and mayhem.
KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE - Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson - 1988
They look like clowns but these aliens aren't Bozos when it comes to killing off a small town in new and inventive ways. Culty, sci-fi humor.
KILLERS FROM SPACE - Peter Graves - 1954
A dead Peter Gaves is brought back to life by aliens.
KILLING AFFAIR - Peter Weller, Kathy Baker
The wife of an abusive, evil man, finds her husband hanged. The murderer comes to the wife to collect her and her family as his reward.
KILLING HOUR, THE - Elizabeth Kemp, Perry King - 1984
A reporter and a homicide detective set their sights on a psychic painter with the ability to paint a string of gruesome murders before they happen.
KILLING MIND, THE - Stephanie Zimbalist, Tony Bill - 1991
A policewoman's pursuit of a killer puts her life in jepoardy when she tries to submerge herself in the killer's mind.
KILLJOY - Kim Bassinger, Robert Culp - 1981
Members of a hospital's staff come under suspicion when a young woman is murdered and her body disappears.
KINDRED, THE - Amanda Pays, David Allen Brooks, Kim Hunter, Rod Steiger - 1987
When a molecular scientist combines the skin tissue of her son and a sea creature, she unwittingly creates a man-eating tentacled monster named Anthony.
KING AND I, THE - Yul Brynner, Deborah Kerr - 1956
A widow and her son arrive in Siam to tutor the King's many wives and children.
KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS - William Shatner, Tiffany Bolling, Woody Strode, Natasha Ryan - 1977
Investigating the mysterious deaths of a number of farm animals, vet Rack Hansen discovers that his town lies in the path of hoards of migrating tarantulas. Before he can take action, the streets are overrun by killer spiders, trapping a small group of towns folk in a remote hotel.
KINKY BUSINESS - Tanya Lawson, Ginger Lynn, Laurie Smith
The story follows ince as he introduces his kid brother to the world of outrageous and kinky sex.
KINKY BUSINESS 2 - Sharon Kane, Cheri Taylor, Rachael Ryan, Renee Morgan
Story centers around the bar Kinky Business and the seedy dealings with sins of the flesh on and off the dance floor.
KISS OF THE VAMPIRE - Angelica Sin, Tina Tyler, Liza Harper, Farrah
Unbelievable nocturnal antics in this Gothic-themed Adult Feature. Plenty of adult action with a special appearance by Farrah.
KISS, THE - Joanna Pacula - 1988
An evil model tries to pass on her demonic legacy.
KNIGHT MOVES - Christopher Lambert, Diane Lane - 1992
A champion chess player becomes the prime suspect in a rash of sinister murders.
KNIGHT RIDER 2000 - David Hasselhoff, Susan Norman - 1991
Michael Knight and KITT are reunited in the year 2000 to combat rogue police officers and diabolical gunrunners.
KNUTE ROCKNE, ALL AMERICAN - Pat O'Brien, Ronald Reagan - 1940
Based on the life of Knute Rockne, from his early childhood to his days as Notre Dame's football coach.
KRAMER VS. KRAMER - Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep - 1979
An account of the bitter fight between an executive and his estranged wife over the custody of their 7-year-old son.
KUNG FU: THE MOVIE - David Carradine, Brandon Lee - 1986
Searching for a peaceful life in 1885 Sacramento Caine is stalked by opium traders and a vengeful Manchu lord.


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