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V IS FOR VAMPIRE - Vicki DiSalvo, Greg Dukes, Amy Luciano, Tony McDowell - 1997
Laura Manning, world's number-one author of vampire novels, is sponsoring a contest . . . and the most beautiful girls in town are lining. But there's a good reason why this sexy woman is the number one vampire novelist!
VAGINA TOWN - Angelica Sin, Bobbi Bliss
In the 1940's, Private Eye Bill Harlow searches for the Maltese Dildo in a seedy part of L.A. known as Vagina Town. Adult
VALLEY GIRL - Nicholas Cage, Deborah Foreman - 1983
A high-school socialite places her elite status at risk after she falls for a scruffy Hollywood punker.
VAMPIRE HUNTER D - Voices of Michael McConnohie, Barbara Goodson - 1985
Animated. A bloodsucking hybrid embarks on a grisly campaign against Dracula's descendants. (Dubbed)
VAMPIRE OVER LONDON - Bela Lugosi, Kitty McShane - 1951
A weirdo who wears Dracula cloths and cape, sleeps in a coffin, is known as "The Vampire" is really a mad scientist and master criminal.
VAMPIRE STRANGLER - Misty Mundae, Joey Smack, Bill Hellfire
New Jersey has been infiltrated by a deviant voodoo shaman who casts the most vile and unholy spells upon unsuspecting citizens.
VAMPIRE TRILOGY - PART 1 - Catalina L'Amour
The creatures of the night are stirring. Catalina soon succumbs to their ravenous biting, sucking and beating. Adult
VAMPIRE TRILOGY - PART 2 - Catalina L'Amour
Catalina is now a creature of the night. Now it is her turn to savage na´ve innocents in her bizarre and bloody rituals. Adult
VAMPIRE TRILOGY - PART 3 - Catalina L'Amour
The fledglings are turning against their master in the final installment of the trilogy. Adult
VAMPIRE'S CURSE - Tina Krause, Debbie D
An ancient book causes terrible consequences for all those involved!
100 years ago, wooden stakes through the hearts had ended their accursed lives. Now these two vampire sisters have been brought back from the dead, and the throat-tearing horror is about to begin once again...
VAMPIRE'S SEDUCTION - Tina Krause, John Paul Fedele, Debbie Rochon, Misty Mundae - 1997
Dracula's Daughter. Cursed to an existence of nocturnal wandering, yet blessed in - Ohhh! - so many other ways. With a voluptuous body to indulge the most sinful pleasures and a luxurious mouth of unquenchable evil desire, she can devour any man alive...yet craves women!
VAMPS DEADLY DREAMGIRLS - Lorissa McComas, Jennifer Huss, Paul Morris, Amber Newman - 1997
Welcome to Vamps, a hot and sexy go-go joint where the erotic dancers don't want your dollars...they want your blood!
VAMPYRE - Randy Scott Rozler, Cathy Seyler, Jack Brent - 1990
A macabre and brooding tale of an 18th century village on the edge of extinction, plagued by the grim abominable horror of vampirism.
VANISHING ACT - Mike Farrell, Margot Kidder - 1986
A newlywed's relief at being reunited with his missing bride dissolves when he discovers that she is not his wife.
VANISHING POINT - Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Charlotte Rampling - 1971
Newman attempts to drive halfway across the country in 15 hours without getting caught by police.
VEGAS IN SPACE - Doris Fish, Miss X - 1991
Male spacefarers undergo sex-change operations to solve a jewel heist on a planet populated solely by women.
VELVETEEN RABBIT, THE - Marie Osmond - 1985
The story of a young boy's love for a special gift and how that love brings life to his toy Rabbit.
VENGEANCE OF SHE, THE - John Richardson, Olinka Berova - 1967
A young woman becomes possessed by the spirit of an irrepressible, centuries-old priestess named Ayesha.
VICIOUS SWEET - Sasha Graham, Theresa Constantine, Jeff Forsythe - 1997
Tyler's greatest fan wants her to be a big star... He wants all the world to love her like he does... In his eyes, she is making all the wrong decisions. And unfortunately for Tyler, he might know exactly why she is doing just that...
VIDEO DEAD, THE - Michael St. Michaels, Rocky Duvall, Roxanna Augesen - 1987
A posessed TV set is delivered to the wrong house; zombies emerge, kill the owner and terrorize the new tennants.
VIDEO VIXENS - Jamie Walters, Robyn Hilton, Linda York, Cheryl Smith - 1984
Welcome to the sexiest television network that will ever turn YOU on! Get ready to laugh your pants off! It's an erotic awards show that lets you enjoy all of the action without switching channels.
VIDEODROME - James Woods, Deborah Harry - 1983
A co-owner of a Toronto UHF station that specializes in adult entertainment searches for the people behind a bizarre satellite broadcast.
VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, A - Raf Vallone, Maureen Stapleton, Carol Lawrence - 1962
Based on Arthur Miller's play, a jealous Brooklyn longshorewoman lusts after his wife's niece, who's fallen in love with with an undocumented immigrant.
VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED - Tommy Blaze, George Cahill, Sheri Cook - 1998
An uproarious '90s look at media-warped culture in the spirit of the Groove Tube and Amazon Women on the Moon.
VIGILANTE FORCE - Kris Kristofferson, Jan-Michael Vincent - 1976
The citizens of a crime-ridden California community ask a young Vietnam veteran to organize a vigilante squad.
VILE 21 - Dan Skinner, Bryon Blakey, Tammi Strain - 1999
When Dr. Walter Hall creates a drug that turns men into rampaging creatures, the government forces him to continue his unorthodox experiments.
In the future, there will be a deadly disease that makes cancer look like the common cold. The government's cure for this epidemic - exterminate all carriers. Unfortunatly the antidote lies in the mind of an infected woman, hunted now by hitmen.
VIRGIN QUEEN, THE - Bette Davis, Richard Todd - 1955
Walter Raleigh wins the favor of Queen Elizabeth and the promise of ships for his expedition to the New World.
VIRGIN SUICIDES, THE - Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett - 2000
Sofia Coppola's assured touch on human relations and the reaction upon the screen, featuring Kirsten Dunst's best performance to date, Kathleen Turner's turn as a character actor, and the superb recreation of Stepford Country.
VISIONS & VOYEURISM - Pandora Peaks - 1998
If you love pinups with superbreasts like Pandora this is a must. Very classy and exploring the boundaries of the visual medium.
VIVA KNIEVEL! - Evel Knievel, Lauren Hutton - 1977
A drug dealer uses a motorcycle daredevil's latest stunt as a cover for his cocaine-smuggling operation.
VIVA MARIA - Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau - 1965
A singer and the orphaned daughter of an Irish rebel take up the cause of the peasants in South America.
VOLUNTEERS - Tom Hanks, John Candy - 1985
An arrogant playboy clashes with an overzealous Samaritan when he accidentally joins the Peace Corps and goes to Thailand.
VOW TO KILL, A - Richard Grieco, Julianne Phillips - 1995
A honeymooning bride discovers that her husband has demanded a kidnapper's ransom from her welathy father.
A tribe of telepathic pterodactyl-worshippers on a stormy planet invaded by earthmen.
VULTURE, THE - Robert Hutton, Akim Tamiroff - 1967
A scientist fulfills an ancient curse by becoming a giant bird to hunt down his ancestor's modern-day enemies.


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