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ZACHARIAH - John Rubenstein, Don Johnson, Pat Quinn, Country Joe and the Fish, The James Gang - 1971
Rival Outlaw gangs hire two gunslingers to shoot it out. Rock musical tetters between parody and earnestness. A cult classic.
ZAPPERS BLADE OF VENGEANCE - Linda Marlowe, Alan Lake, Edina Ronay, Jason Kemp, Tony Then - 1986
Move over 007, Harriet Zapper is an expert at Swordmanship, Karate, Judo and Boxing, and she carries two .357 combat Magnums for insurance.
ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN - Jay North, Martin Milner, Andy Devine - 1965
Animal-loving boy takes in zoo dwellers after releasing them from cages.
ZERO WOMAN - Natsuki Ozawa - 2000
The action-packed flick has something for everybody: violence, shootings, nudity, and the erotic, scantily-clad Zero Woman blasting away all the bad guys.
ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE - Logan O'Neill, Rita Jenrette, William Stoddard - 1984
The bus broke down. The driver has disappeared. Now the tourists are succumbing to the native charm. Maybe a visit to the local voodoo ceremony wasn't such a hot idea. Starring Playboy cover girl, Rita Jenrette.
ZOMBIE VS. MARDI GRAS - Dale Ashmun, Loreli Fuller, Karl DeMarley, Jeanette Hauser - 1999
A child grows up studying the occult and plotting vengeance after being brutalized and crippled by drunken Mardi Gras Revelers. One stormy Lundi Gras night he performs a Sumerian ritual which unearths ZOMBIE! from his ancient sleep.
ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE - George Hamilton - 1981
Humorous tale of twin sons of the legendary masked swordsman.


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