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ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN - Bud Abbott, Lou Costello - 1948
The Wolfman breaks in when Dracula attempts to transfer Lou's brain into the ailing Frankenstein monster.
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO IN THE MOVIES - Bud Abbott, Lou Costello - 1990
A 92 minute collection, of outtakes, special appearances, bloopers, interviews and trailers in this compilation tribute.
ABDUCTORS, THE - Cheri Chafaro, Jeramie Rain, Richard Smedley, Jennifer Brooks, Patrick Wright - 1972
Three cheerleaders are kidnapped by slavers who tie them up and sell them to businessmen. A blonde is sent to rescue them, which they refuse.
ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, THE - Vincent Price, Joseph Cotten - 1972
Vincent Price dominates this stylish horror yarn about a madman's bizarre plan of vengeance.
ABOMINATION, THE - Blue Thompson - 1985
Ambitious, bloody, hungry-monster-in-a-kitchen film from Texas features chainsaw decapitation, slit throats, hands bit off, and more...
ABOUT LAST NIGHT - Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Jim Belushi - 1986
A salesman and an art director try to turn a,one-night-stand into a relationship.,
ABSENCE OF MALICE - Paul Newman, Sally Field - 1981
A federal investigator uses an overzealous, newshound to implicate an innocent man in the disappearance of a labor boss.
ABSOLUTE STRANGERS - Henry Winkler, Richard Kiley - 1991
A media debate erupts when a husband is forced to choose his comatose wife's life over their unborn baby.
ACCEPTABLE RISKS - Brian Dennehy, Cicely Tyson, Kenneth McMillan - 1986
Dennehy scores as a plant manager, ordered to cut costs and skimp on safety, who fights politicians to rescue his town.
ACORN PEOPLE, THE - Ted Bessell, LeVar Burton, Cloris Leachman - 1981
A camp counselor establishes a unique and tender relationship with a group of disabled children. Tender and well played.
ACROSS 110TH STREET - Anthony Quinn, Anthony Franciosa - 1972
A bloody gang war erupts on the streets of Harlem when powerful Mafia families compete for turf.
ACT OF VENGEANCE - Charles Bronson, Ellen Burstyn, Wilford Brimley, Ellen Barkin, Keanu Reeves - 1986
When he challenges the president of the United Mine Workers, a man and his family are killed.
ACT OF VIOLENCE - Elizabeth Montgomery, James Sloyan, Sean Frye - 1991
Career-minded Montgomery experiences liberating feelings, after divorce --- until she's attacked by a vicious gang of muggers and forced to reconsider many formerly held beliefs.
ACTING ON IMPULSE - Linda Fiorentino, C. Thomas Howell, Nancy Allen, Paul Bartel, Isaac Hayes - 1993
Toungue-in-cheek thriller about a schlock movie star mixed up in a real-life murder. Good performances, fast paced.
ADAMS CHRONICLES, THE - David Birney, Kathryn Walker, George Grizzard 1976
13 hour-long dramas about the Adams family of Massachusetts. All the episodes of The Adams Chronicles are dramatized within the historical events and the implications of those events on the public and private lives of the Adamses.
ADDICTED TO MURDER - Sasha Graham, Mick McCleery, Sarah Lippmann - 1995
What makes Joel Winter different is his special childhood friend, a woman named Rachel, a vampire named Rachel who turns him into a serial killer.
ADDICTED TO MURDER: TAINTED BLOOD - Sasha Graham, Mick McCleery, Sarah K. Lippmann, Cloud Michaels - 1998
A rogue vampire is turning people who aren't worthy of "the Gift" and it's up to Angie to find her sister and put an end to these creatures with the tainted blood.
ADDICTED TO MURDER: BLOODLUST - Mick McCleery, Sarah K. Lippmann, Cloud Michaels -1999
We all know that vampires feed on humans. But what feeds on vampires?
If you stumbled into a gang war, met a beautiful girl, and uncovered a gangster's stash, what would you do? Take the yen and run!
ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION - Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin - 1984
Jumbled story finds a neurosurgeon-jetcar-driver-rock-star saving Earth from the evil Dr. Lizardo. A cult favorite.
ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS, THE - Narrated by Dudley Moore - 1989
A kitten and a puppy share a series of comic misadventures when a raging river sweeps them away from their farm home.
AFFAIR, THE - Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Bruce Davison - 1973
A songwriter striken with polio, finds first love with a lawyer. Old-fashioned tear-jerker with attractive stars, some insight.
AFFAIR WITH A STRANGER - Jean Simmons, Victor Mature - 1959
When a TV gossip columnist wrongly announces that the marriage between now successful playwright William Blakeley and his wife Carolyn is breaking up...
AGAINST ALL ODDS - Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges, James Woods, Richard Widmark, Swoosie Kurtz - 1984
Ex-athlete takes job offer from former teammate and begins search for missing heiress. The investigation reveals deception and treachery.
AGENCY - Lee Majors, Robert Mitchum, Valerie Perrine - 1981
A political party candidate devises a scheme to brainwash TV viewers into voting for him.
AIRPLANE! - Robert Hays, Julie Haggerty, Leslie Nielsen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves - 1980
A neurotic former war pilot is pressed into service when an airliner's crew succumbs to food poisoning.
AJ KAHN'S KINKY CASTING COUCH - Darian Caine, A.J. Kahn, Katie Jordan - 2000
A group of nasty girls set out to make the ultimate bondage film.
ALCHEMIST, THE - Robert Ginty, Lucinda Dooling - 1980
A 19th-century magician puts a curse on a man making him ageless. in 1955 he's still young and meets the reincarnation of his dead wife.
ALFIE - Michael Caine, Shelly Winters, Julia Foster - 1966
Strong performances highlight this series of vignettes about the womanizing adventures of a charming heel.
ALICE - Krystina Kohoutova - 1988
Alice in woderland retold in modern setting with horror, surrealistic, and erotic touches.
ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Gary Cooper, Charlotte Henry, W.C. Fields, Cary Grant - 1933
All-star version of Lewis Carroll fantasy classic hides cast behind elaborate makeup, so look sharp.
ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Kristine DeBell, Larry Gelman, Jason Williams, Teri Hall, Bree Anthony - 1976
A musical/fantasy/sex comedy released with hard-core scenes. Costumes and makeup are bad, the singing and dancing is irratating. A classic.
ALICE'S RESTAURANT - Arlo Guthrie, Pat Quinn, James Broderick - 1969
Satirical look at trials and tribulations of being young and a member of the counterculture in the late 1960s.
ALIEN - Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver - 1979
Oscar-winning special effects highlight this tale of a malevolent creature stalking the crew of an interstellar vessel.
ALIEN AGENDA: OUT OF THE DARKNESS - Mick McCleery, Sasha Graham, Scooter McCrae, Joel D. Wynkoop - 1996
In 2030 an isolated man has pieced together stolen alien technology to create a gateway into the past.
ALIEN AGENDA: ENDANGERED SPECIES - Debbie Rochon, Sasha Graham, Joel D. Wynkoop - 1997
In an ironic twist of fatae Tabloid-TV reporter Megan Cross, while interviewing "alien abductees", has a close encounter with the extraterrestrials.
ALIEN AGENDA: UNDER THE SKIN - Arthur Lundquist, Deneen Sherman, Leslie Body, Conrad Brooks - 1998
Humans having a bad day. Filled with "men in black," alien abductions, Chupacabras, mob bosses, double agents, and more...
ALIEN AUTOPSY: Fact or Fiction? - Jonathan Frakes - 1995
The Fox Network purchases the rights to a "lost" film depicting the "actual" autopsy of an alien. Footage is intercut with "experts" evaluation.
Examination of evidence suggesting the existence of life from other planets. From Walt Disney World.
ALIEN FROM L.A. - Kathy Ireland, Thom Matthews - 1988
A Valley girl winds up in th lost city of Atlantis. California Valspeak humor.
ALIEN SEED - Eric Estrada, Heidi Paine - 1989
An innocent 18-year-old student finds herself impregnated by aliens in an attempt to deliver a "messiah" to save earth from it's own corruption.
ALIEN WOMEN - Dawn Addams, James Robertson Justice - 1970
The exploits of a spy who thrives on sexual adventure, pitted against an army of sexually potent alien women.
ALIENS ARE COMING, THE - Tom Mason, Eric Braeden, Max Gail - 1980
Alien creatures set out from their dying planet to find a new home. Good, campy fun.
ALIVE - Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano - 1993
Based on the true story of plane-crash survivors in the Andes who were forced to consume their dead companions.
ALL NIGHT LONG - Barbara Streisand, Gene Hackman - 1981
A middle-aged executive's lifestyle and values are turned upside down after he is demoted to chain-store night manager.
ALL THE MARBLES - Peter Falk, Vicki Frederick, Laurene Landon, Burt Young - 1981
A two-bit promoter convinces two beautiful women wrestlers that he can take them to the top of their profession.
ALONE IN THE DARK - Jack Palance, Donald Pleasence, Martin Landau - 1982
Maniac-on-the-loose shocker where four escaped mental patients terrorize their doctor at his home during a power blackout.
Scene after scene of amateur X at its very best. This video is for viewers over 18 years of age.
AMAZING BOOK, THE - Animated feature - 1988
Animated mice take you on a journey through the Bible. Learn about its authors, history, books, stories and why it is so important. 1/2 hour.
AMAZING HOWARD HUGHES, THE - Tommy Lee Jones, Ed Flanders - 1977
A fact-based account of one of the world's richest men, who eventually fell victim to his own eccentricities.
AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN - Marguerite Chapman - 1960
Edgar G. Ulmer sci-fi about invisible bank robber, shot back to back with his "Beyond the,Time Barrier."
AMELIA EARHART - Susan Clark, John Forsythe - 1976
Based on the personal and professional exploits of the famed pilot who captured America's imagination in the 1930's.
AMERICAN BEAUTY - Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Scott Bakula - 1999
A deceased man tells his tale of how he turned his miserable life around and turned everyone else's upside down as a result.
The story of what happens when things get way out of control. Workers at a Hormel factory go on strike due to pay decreases and all hell breaks loose.
AMERICAN POP - Voices of Ron Thompson, Marya Small - 1981
Animated. The history of American pop music as seen through several generations of a family of musicians.
AMERIKA - Kris Kristofferson, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sam Neill, Mariel Hemingway, Robert Urich - 1987
Mini-series whereby America has been bloodlessly taken over by the Soviet Union, leading to slave-labor camps for some, collaboration for others and rebellion for yet others.
AMORE! - Jack Scalia, Kathy Ireland - 1993
A bored investment banker tries to transform himself into a sex symbol as part of his attempt at becoming a movie star.
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER - Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Richard Denning - 1957
Romantic tearjerker about a star-crossed couple who fall in love on an ocean voyage.
AN UNNATURAL ACT - Bridgette Monet, Kimberly Carson
Michael is a struggling musician who's in love with Teri, a not-so-struggling actress. Driving to a gig one night, Michael is run off the road and killed. An end to a beautiful relationship…or is it?
AN UNNATURAL ACT 2 - Nina Hartley, Erica Boyer, Bunny Bleu
John Leslie has never had much of a problem in breaking off affairs until he meets Constance. In the heat of passion she transfers her spirit into him; sharing his body and making him a true ladies man.
ANATOMY OF A SEDUCTION - Susan Flannery, Jameson Parker - 1979
A divorced woman becomes romantically involved with her best friend's collegiate son.
AND GOD CREATED WOMAN - Rebecca DeMornay, Vincent Spano, Frank Langella - 1988
An aspiring rock star strikes a deal with her politician lover so she can be released from prison.
AND THE SEA WILL TELL - Richard Crenna, Rachel Ward, James Brolin - 1991
True story of twoi couples and murder in the South Seas.
AND YOU THOUGHT PARENTS WERE WEIRD - Joshua Miller, Edan Gross, Alan Thicke - 1991
Two juvenile inventors discover the spirit of their departed father now inhabits their robot creation.
ANDROID AFFAIR - Griffin Dunne, Harley Jane Kozak - 1995
A physician is placed in a precarious position when she falls in love with an android used for surgical practice.
ANDY WORHOL'S FRANKENSTEIN - Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier - 1974
Mad baron Kier clones body-beautiful monsters out of bloody human innards. Campy and disgusting, with severed heads and hands galore.
ANNA & THE KING - Jodie Foster, Yun-Fat Chow - 1999
The story of the romance between the King of Siam and the widowed British schoolteacher Ana Leonowens during the 1860's.
See Miss Smith, stripped-down and dirty.
ANNIE GET YOUR GUN - Betty Hutton, Howard Keel - 1950
Annie Oakley is an incredible shot who was raised `Doin' What Comes Naturally'. Frank Butler, the star sharpshooter in `Colonel Buffalo Bill''s show, however, knows full well that's not how `The Girl That I Marry' must be.
ANTS! - Susanne Somers, Robert Foxworth - 1977
Vacationers at a lavish summer resort are threatened by a rampaging colony of killer ants.
APACHE - Burt Lancaster, Jean Peters - 1954
An Apache chieftain wages a one-man war against the Army to protect the rights of his people.
APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH - Peter Ustinov, Lauren Bacall - 1988
Agatha Christie's detective Hercule Poirot discovers that greedy Laurie wants her late husband's money all for herself. How soon will she be murdered? And how soon will Poirot name her killer?
APRIL MORNING - Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Urich, Chad Lowe - 1988
A young man awakens to adulthood just as the American colonies are preparing to fight for their independence.
ARACHNOPHOBIA - Jeff Daniels, Harley Jane Kozak - 1990
A doctor's fear of arachnids becomes a terrifying reality when an army of Venezuelan spiders invades his community.
Slacker/Savior video features snippets from old science fiction flix and commercials, Bob songs, assasination and more. Church of the Sub Genious.
ARIZONA BUSHWHACKERS - Yvonne DeCarlo, Howard Keel - 1968
Confederate spies in the old Southwest tangle with a crooked gunrunner who is aiding renegade Apaches.
ARTHUR - Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli - 1981
A drunken young millionaire faces disinheritance if he doesn't break off his relationship with a poor waitress.
ARTICLE 99 - Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland - 1992
Red tape and a tyrannical administrator stand in the way of a doctor's crusade to improve health care at a VA hospital.
AS GOOD AS DEAD - Crystal Bernard, Judge Reinhold - 1995
A woman suspects foul play when an unknown sibling who thinks she has died sues a hospital for her wrongful "death."
ASHES AND FLAMES - Morgana Rae, Isaiah Wellington - 1998
Two sisters who share a tragic, unspeakable secret...A young man consumed by a bizarre psychosexual fetish...A world at once dreamlike and dreadful into which they irrevocably pass. B/W - Widescreen
ASSASSINATION - Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Stephen Elliott - 1987
A secret service agent is assigned to protect the first lady and ultimately shields her from a would-be assassin.
ASYLUM OF SATAN - Carla Borelli, Charles Kissinger - 1976
A concert pianist is abducted and taken to a mental hospital where the patients are tortured and offered to a "creature of death."
ASTOUNDING SHE MONSTER - Shirley Kilpatrick, Robert Claeke - 1958
Wild, sexy blonde space chick haunts forest and cabin housing kidnappers; genuine, psychotronic classic.
ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT - Anthony Hall, Joyce Taylor - 1961
George Pal produced and directed this account of the mythical island and the madman who brought about its destruction.
ATOM AGE VAMPIRE - Albert Lupo, Susanne Loret - 1960
A once-beautiful entertainer is turned into a blood-sucking fiend after an experiment to restore her beauty backfires.
ATOMIC MAN - Faith Domergue - 1956
Vintage sci-fi; radiation enables a man to foresee the immediate future.
ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN - Allison Hayes, William Hudson - 1958
The wife of an affluent housewife is radically altered after she comes across a group of aliens that cause her to grow to a height of 50 feet.
ATTACK OF THE 50 FT. WOMAN - Daryl Hannah, Daniel Baldwin - 1993
A woman grows to monstrous proportions after an encounter with space aliens in this remake of the 1958 cult classic.
ATTACK OF THE BEAST CREATURES - Robert Lengyel, Robert Nolfi - 1985
After a terrible storm, the crew and passengers of a luxury liner are stranded on an uncharted island. There they encounter flesh-eating "beast creatures."
ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES - Yvette Vickers - 1959
Ugly jumbo bloodsuckers swiming in the Ever-glades, sliming participants in this sleazy soap-opera plot.
ATTACK OF THE SWAMP CREATURE - Frank Crowell, Patricia Allison - 1975
After he transforms himself into a slimy bog monster, a mad scientist attacks the inhabitants of a small town during spawning season.
AUTOPSY - Ray Lovelock, Mimsy Farmer - 1976
The torrid tale of young Simona Sanna who works on a thesis comparing suicides and certain murders made to look like suicide. As she continues her research, people start disappearing.
Kelly Lewis, Attorney at Law, has successfully defended several high profile clients against criminal charges much to the embarrassment and chagrin of the city's Mayor's office. In an effort to discredit her, the city puts her on a 24 hour surveillance camera!


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